The Scribbles Creative Writing Awards Shortlist!


Hello, dear reader!

Today is Shortlist Day!

So, what’s the big deal about a shortlist?

Lordy lord!

A shortlist groups together the best.

It acknowledges the most accomplished in a huge collection of entries.

It’s how we make literary awards (such as the Scribbles Creative Writing Awards), manageable — both for the judges and the competitors.

Imagine if there were only two prizes per category. Say, first and second.

Buh bow!

Judges would tear out their hair.

Creators would feel jaded and gypped.

A shortlist gives more people a chance to shine. It spreads the love a little further. It allows more voices to be heard and a greater variety of talents and approaches to be celebrated.

To be on a shortlist is a great honour. And a great thrill!

Not only can it boost us emotionally, psychologically and creatively, it can also boost our careers.

Publishers and agents care about shortlists.

Funding bodies care about shortlists.

Fellow creatives care about shortlists.

Even other competitions care about them.

That’s why I’m beyond excited to share the 2019 Scribbles Creative Writing Awards shortlist with you, today!

CLICK HERE to check it out! (Or keep reading. I’ve got more to say!)


This year we had FIVE categories: Middle Grade fiction, Junior Fiction, Picture Books, Storyboards and Poetry.

Even if you weren’t in the comp please jump on the socials and help us celebrate. Spread the hearts, ping ping ping! Make someone’s day!

This round has been intense. We had an unprecedented (and totally unexpected) amount of entries. We’ve been buried in manuscripts; the judging was complex and the competition extra tough.

It was a massive (and at times highly emotional) challenge to come up with this list.

To everyone who took the plunge, did the verk, met the deadline and got into the game,  I am so proud of you!

CLICK HERE to see the shortlist!

I’m also sending gigantic scribbly hugs and massive admiration to kidlit creators everywhere!

Ours is no small task. No. Small. Task.

But together, look at us! We can create and achieve brilliant work, tremendous adventures!

Much love

Jen xo

PS Winners announced Tuesday November 5, 2019. Watch this space!

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