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Is this you?

At birth, a fairy tapped you on the head and said, ‘This one shall be obsessed with children’s books. Forevermore. The End. No point fighting.’

Or. Your magic pen is fickle. You’ve been trying to write a kids’ book for ages. But it’s hard! You love writing but you know deep down that your work could be soooo much brighter.

Or. So far your adventure into creative writing has been like walking through quicksand—you know, the kind that gobbled up the horse in The NeverEnding Story.


If this is you, you need my help.

I’m an award winning children’s author. I’ve had loads of books published, mostly by HarperCollins and Penguin. After nearly twenty years I’m still writing and publishing.

I’ve also worked in-house as a children’s book editor, predominantly in Creative Development. I have a First Class Honours degree in Literature. I’ve taught creative writing to all kinds of people, I blog regularly about creative writing and I’ve built the most divine writing community on Facebook aka The Duck Pond.

Phew! You could say I love words.

I want to share that love with you.

JenStorer-167+heart +logo_x

 That’s why I created


Scribbles is an online course you can return to over and over.

It’s different from standard creative writing courses.

Scribbles aims to inspire you and  deepen your understanding of storytelling. The course is designed to give you more confidence and accelerate your learning.

Scribbles can help you blast through blocks you didn’t know you had! The braver you are, the more creative you become—that’s how it works. Through loads of super fun exercises, Scribbles shows you how to make your writing sparkle. And that increases your chances of getting published!

How much is Scribbles?

The course costs $450 (plus $45 GST).

Price is in Australian Dollars (AUD). For conversion to other currencies click here.

I’m in! Take me to the shop, Jen!


Want to know more?

Here’s what’s in the Scribbles package:

Video, Module One, Magical Mess: Wherein I discuss the power of loosening up and making a mess. We get comfortable with playing. We even sign The Scribbles Pledge.

Video, Module Two, Magnetic Words: Wherein I demonstrate the magnetic power of words and you get to experience that power firsthand. People are often gobsmacked by what they discover in this module!

Video, Module Three, Fancy Language: Wherein I talk about the subtleties of language and what, from a technical level, makes a story for children sparkle. Includes bonus video, The Story Lab. In the lab, I take a picture book apart and analyse it closely. So closely it might make your head spin…

Video, Module Four, Charming Names: Wherein you get to meet (and play with) a heap of characters you never knew existed—inside your own head! Warning, this module can lead to writing BOOKS!

Video, Module Five, Magnetic Settings: Wherein we go places and find stories that will surprise you and possibly make you gasp with surprise. Together, we’ll uncover what’s lying dormant in your creative brain!

Video, Module Six, Story Time: Wherein I discuss structure and its vital contribution to the art of storytelling. I strip out some of the heavy duty ‘theory’ and introduce you to Jen Storer’s, Magic Story Hanger. It will help you see structure way more clearly.

Each module also includes downloadable play-sheets (written support material), and practical exercises designed to help you bypass your inner critic, honour your imagination and strengthen your storytelling intuition.


Other Scribbles Privileges

As a Scribbler you’re entitled to all sorts of extra goodies. And as we grow, you grow with us! Here’s a list of the Scribbles extras so far:

A Private FB group where you can meet other Scribblers (and kidlit enthusiasts). This is where I share personal, creative process updates that I don’t share anywhere else.

Access to my ‘real life’ masterclasses. An annual treat! Last year we had nearly fifty people in this three-hour class in the Melbourne CBD.

Scribbles Masterclass
Scribbles Masterclass 2018

Free access to the annual Scribbles Live Round. Each February, over six weeks, I do SIX one-hour live FaceBook coaching calls. This is super invigorating for all involved and helps keep people motivated. It’s also a chance to bond more closely and learn from each other. We cannot write and illustrate in isolation. As kidlit creators, community is vital to our success (aka our mental health).

Live Round Image

Access to the Scribbles Creative Writing Awards (sponsored by HarperCollins Children’s Books). Our judges are at the coalface. They understand what it takes to be a force in the kidlit industry!


Awards open October 1st. Close October 31st.

Click here to read about the awards.

Supplies List for Scribbles

To get the best out of the experience, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A computer that can play videos
  • A printer
  • A lecture pad (120 pages at least!)
  • Some old magazines to rip up for collage
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick OR Gel Medium
  • A cheap paintbrush for applying the medium
  • A pen (or three)
  • A cheap, A3 sketch pad

Helpful, but not essential

A copy of my picture book, Blue, the Builder’s Dog. Illustrated by Andrew Joyner.

Published by Penguin Australia.


Available at all good bookshops in Australia.

Or, you can buy it at one of these online booksellers:

The Kids’ Bookshop | Boomerang Books | Booktopia








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Please read these before you send an email to girl and duck. There are a few questions common to many. Let’s fast track the answers so you don’t have to hang about, tapping your toes, in an e-mail queue.

How much is Scribbles?

The course costs $450 (plus $45 GST).

Price is in Australian Dollars (AUD) 

For conversion to other currencies click here.

How do the Scribbles online classes work? 

We’ve kept the Scribbles user experience as simple as possible.

When you purchase Scribbles, you’ll receive an email with a downloadable pdf. The pdf contains the link to the course website AND your password to open the website.

The pdf also includes an invitation to the Scribbles closed Facebook group. In this beautiful space you’ll meet other Scribblers, be supported and encouraged to share your journey, your fears, your wins and breakthroughs. You’ll also have regular contact with me. In this group I  share thoughts, reflections and insights into my creative process, insights I don’t share anywhere else.

All the videos are in one place and are numbered. You don’t have to follow the order. But it’s best if you do. The videos and the exercises build on each other.

Playsheets (the written support material and creativity exercises) are there for you to download and print, too.

Scribbles is a home study course. This means you can do the course at your own pace, in your own time, and you can return to the videos over and over again.

Can I share the links with my friends or colleagues? 


Feel free to share with your partner and immediate family. Beyond that, the material is under copyright. Your course fee is what gives you privileged access.

How long do I have access to the videos?

You have lifetime access.

This means you can view the videos for as long as they exist in their online format. Unlike DVDs (or real life teachers), online videos don’t wear out!

I’ve already written quite a lot of stuff. Is Scribbles for me?

Scribbles is for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of storytelling.

It’s for anyone in need of inspiration.

It’s for anyone who wants to stretch their imagination and really embrace the joy and originality that comes with loosening up.

It’s for anyone who loves writing for children and wants to hone their skills and strengthen their foundations.

I don’t know if I want to write for children. But I’m interested in creative writing. Will Scribbles help me?

Scribbles is packed with insights into creative writing. Writing is writing is writing. While Scribbles has an eye on the subtleties of children’s literature, it’s broad enough to be helpful to all aspiring and emerging authors.

How much is Scribbles?

The course costs $450 (plus $45 GST).

Price is in Australian Dollars (AUD)

For conversion to other currencies click here.



Need to know more? Please drop us a line at

We want you to be happy!

I’m in! Take me to the shop, Jen!