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Enrolments open in FEBRUARY 2021!

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Hello lovely Author—aspiring, emerging or established!

Has creative writing left you feeling frustrated, bamboozled, isolated or fed up?

Are you desperate to write a book for kids but find it really bloody hard?

Maybe you’re bursting with energy and ideas but can’t put a solid shape to it all.

Whether you want to write:

• A picture book

• A junior fiction series

• A middle grade trilogy

• Any kind of novel!

The Scribbles Academy has got you covered!



I’m Jen Storer and I’ve written heaps of books for kids —  way too many to hold in my hands!

Not only that, I’ve been sharing my knowledge (and unconventional methods) with thousands of people for years and I’m an excellent teacher.


When you become a member of the Scribbles Academy, I’ll do the same for you. I’ll show you how to unlock your potential and become a happier, more productive writer.

Let’s do this!


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I’ll also hold space and guide you while you:

• Learn to craft your ideas into meaningful stories

• Forge friendships with other creatives

• Develop your online platform

• Get your work under the noses of professionals

• Become familiar with publishing  standards, protocols and jargon

• Learn to spot opportunities and create your own ‘luck’


The Scribbles Academy will help you:

• Get unstuck

• Give shape to your ideas

• Unleash your TRUE creativity

• Build your confidence (both personal and creative)

• Pick up vital new skills

• MASSIVELY improve your writing (like, I’m talkin’ MASSIVELY!)

• Prepare your work for publishing (if that’s your dream!)


The Scribbles Academy is only open TWICE a year. 

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Look. I’ve had 23+ books published— junior fiction, middle grade novels and picture books.

And I’ve worked on both sides of the fence — as an editor and as a critically acclaimed, commercially successful author.

I’ve worked with the best publishers in the world, HarperCollins and Penguin/Random House.

Some places where my work has been featured.

With the Danny Best team at the launch of book two in the series.

I know what it takes to write quirky, huggable, award-winning books. (Yes, readers really do hug my books!)

I know the agony and ecstasy of this process.

This calling.

This madness!

 And I understand how overwhelming it is.

• Maybe you’re fed up with rejections and publishers whose only feedback is ‘no thanks’.

• How can you improve your work when you don’t know what’s wrong with it?

I’ve been in this industry for decades and I’ve seen more manuscripts than you can poke a stick at…

I know why most manuscripts get rejected.

Sometimes it’s just bad luck and market forces.

But most times it’s the writing.

It’s simply ‘not quite there’ yet.


Maybe it’s too convoluted.

Too quiet.

Too tentative.

Lacks punch.

Needs direction.

Fails to evoke an emotional response.

Lacks narrative tension.

And on and on…


The good news is all these problems can be fixed!

That’s why I created the Scribbles Academy!

As an editor and mentor, it was obvious to me that something was missing in people’s education and in their understanding of creative writing.

• In the Scribbles Academy I help you access your talent wholeheartedly without holding back.

• I help you develop your unique creativity.

• I help you gain experience so you can create and assess your work with more confidence and skill.

That’s empowering!


 The Scribbles Academy is only open for enrolments TWICE a year.

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Often the work submitted to publishers is sooo close to good/saleable/publishable.

But, sadly, most times it’s not close enough.

And these days, publishers don’t have much time to develop new talent. Even if they desperately want to!

That’s why you MUST take responsibility for the quality of your work.

The Scribbles Academy can help you do that.


Sign up for the Scribbles Academy and follow your heart.

Connect with kindred spirits.



Make valuable contacts.

Unleash your creativity in ways that will give you a whole new perspective on writing and on life.


Together, let’s unlock your potential and help you move ahead.

Let’s give your stories and your writing the BEST chance of being published, loved, shared and applauded.

Good writing changes lives—for the better.

Good writing is worth the effort!

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But what is the Scribbles Academy?

No, really.




Short answer: It’s a unique online Creative Writing Academy packed with tutorials, exercises, downloadable material and unforgettable bonuses all designed empower you and bring out the BEST writer in you!

with jen storer

Long answer: It’s an acclaimed, dramatically different online space where creative writers and illustrators come together to learn and connect, and to gobble up opportunities they would never get anywhere else.

No. Where. Else. 

We’re talkin’ EXCLUSIVE.

And by the way…

When you join you have LIFETIME ACCESS!

That’s ONE payment, lifetime access.

This means as we evolve, you do too. For FREE!

MariaPB Testimonial

Scribbles is a beautiful community. You’ll fall in love when you join!

Everything in the Scribbles Academy, all the video tutorials, exercises, written support materials and live calls, are designed to guide you, empower you, inspire you and, above all, ensure that you grow, flourish and succeed as a writer of children’s books (aka kidlit).

Pretty good, hey?

The Scribbles Academy is only open TWICE a year.

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What the Scribbles Academy is NOT:

• It’s not a six week course that abruptly ends and leaves you back at square one.

• It’s not a cookie cutter course you could get anywhere online, IRL or in a textbook.

• It’s not prescriptive.

• It’s not slapdash.

• It’s not boring!!!


Once I’m in the door, what’s in there? 

Jen’s in there waiting for YOU!

• The Scribbles Pledge (you have to sign it and commit to it!)

The Scribbles Creative Writing course: Six video tutorials and a heap of downloadable PDFs, designed to get you writing, keep you writing and chip away stale, out of date learning, pesky fears and weird assumptions that might be holding you back and impacting negatively on your writing.

• Picture Book Corner:

Includes three in-depth video tutorials covering:

  1 Picture Book Fundamentals

  2 Advanced Picture Book Writing

 3 Story Lab (This unique video tutorial is often praised as the BEST thing any picture book author could encounter. Honestly, this tutorial alone has cracked the picture book code for countless creators.)

• Private Facebook Group

Plus Scribbles Academy Bonuses

• Live Calls Once a month, (Feb-Nov),  I host free, one-hour coaching calls. Conducted in our private Facebook group, the live calls are an absolute FAVOURITE Scribbles bonus.

Got questions about your work? Bring them to the Live Call and ask for my help. Directly!

• Annual Scribbles Creative Writing Awards Our prestigious Creative Writing Awards, sponsored by HarperCollins Publishers and judged by industry luminaries.

• Live Masterclasses At various venues and various times, these masterclasses are low cost, massive value, and include surprise guest speakers from our industry.

All this plus monthly Live Calls for $450 AUD! 

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Become a Scribbler and get:JenNutshell


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Current enrolments closed:

Monday July 20, 2020, 10pm AEST

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• Can I buy now but start later?

Yes, of course! Everything in the Scribbles Academy is self-paced. You call all the shots!

• How long do I have access to the course materials?

You have lifetime access.

This means you can view the videos (and download the PDFs) for as long as they exist in their online format. Unlike DVDs (or real life teachers), online videos don’t wear out!

• How much is Scribbles?

Academy membership costs $450 + GST. (A one-off, lifetime membership fee.)

Please note, the price will rise to $600 + GST in 2021.

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars. To check conversion rates, click here.

• Have you got a payment plan?

We sure do. It’s fabulous!

Pay AUD $114 plus $11.40 GST now and get access to The Scribbles Academy immediately. The balance is then paid off over the next three months.

• I already know a lot about creative writing. Will this academy be of any use to me?

I can’t imagine how you wouldn’t LOVE being in our academy. Creatives thrive when they are learning, growing and pushing boundaries. Plus, we’ll get to chat, you and I! How cool is that?!

• I’m clueless about creative writing. Will this academy help?

Totally! OMG, I wish I’d had a place like this when I was starting out. It would have saved me YEARS of faffing around AND I would have felt nurtured and understood rather than scared stiff!

• Will the price of an Academy membership increase next year?

Yes, in 2021 it will rise to $600 AUD.

Also, don’t forget we offer a fantastic payment plan, too! See above.

• What if I can’t make it to the live coaching calls?

No worries! All the calls are recorded then posted in the Academy’s Bonus Treasure section.

Also, when you join, you have access to ALL our previous calls as well.

• Can I share the links with my friends or colleagues?


Feel free to share with your partner and  immediate family.

Beyond that, the material is under copyright.

Your membership fee is what gives you privileged access.

• I’ve already written quite a lot of stuff. Is Scribbles for me?

Scribbles is for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of storytelling.

It’s for anyone in need of inspiration.

It’s for anyone committed to professional development.

It’s for anyone who wants to strengthen their creativity.

• I don’t know if I want to write for children. But I’m interested in creative writing. Will Scribbles help me?

The Scribbles Academy is packed with insights into creative writing. Writing is writing is writing. While the Academy tutorials have an eye on the subtleties of children’s literature, the material is broad enough to help all aspiring and emerging authors.

And YES, we have well established authors in the Academy, too! 

• Where can I ask more questions?

Just send us an email: We love helping YOU!

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Let's Get Scribbly!

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