Shed Parties, New Wigs, Writing Books for Kids

The Shed Party

Saturday night at g&d HQ, we had a shed party. A Winter Solstice celebration.

We had a bonfire and fairy lights and a trestle table laden with comfort food (including pots of curry and sweet dahl, a fresh apple pie, a pear cake, handmade chocolates etc…).

The night was bitterly cold but the sky was clear and you could see the Milky Way and everyone was rugged up (some beyond recognition) and, well, it was just magical.

It was inspiring, too.

We sat around the fire, sipping honey mead (or red wine), telling stories, occasionally laughing til we cried.

Telling Stories: My New Wig

At one point I shared the story of the most disappointing gift I ever received.

I was about eight-years-old and I had pleaded for a Mr Pierre Wig. It looked AMAZING in the ad! (This is going to be ugly, right?).

The wig arrived on Christmas morning but rather than transform me into Marcia Brady, it was more like a poorly made, nylon ‘hair’ piece.

At best, a short (extremely flimsy) ponytail I could pin to the back of my head.

At worst, a fire hazard…

cat sleeps on a pile of blankets
Harry helping with the blanket round-up on Sunday morning…

Where Do I Get My Ideas?

I’m not sure why I’m telling you this stuff.

Maybe because I’m still laughing,

Maybe because I’m reminded of the joy of storytelling.

Either way, there’s something to be said for bouncing ideas around.

For hearing the tales of others, for immersing yourself in a group and seeing where the conversations end up.

Story sparks…

As artists we need immersive experiences.

We need variety, exposure to other people’s experiences, perspectives, adventures and mishaps. It’s how we fuel our imaginations.

It’s how we create.

Where do you get your ideas? From the world around me!

Group Coaching, with Jen

Once a month in the Duck Pond we get together in Zoom and chat.

We share.

We write. (I provide quirky writing prompts, set the timer and away we go.)

We tap into the group energy, expertise and wisdom, ask questions, gossip(!), gain support or insights, big laughs or virtual hugs.

It’s a monthly ritual that never fails to gladden our hearts and enliven our creativity.

I don’t believe we produce our best work in isolation. Especially when it comes to something as nuanced and specialised as children’s literature.

Sure, we need enormous lengths of time alone.

But we blossom when we know we have a safety net.

When we know there are others we can turn to now and then.

Others who are there for us and who totally get it!

There’s Nothing Like the Duck Pond Anywhere!

If you’ve been sitting on the fence, or feeling shy, or doubting you’d benefit from a little quacky love now and then, even if you’re just curious (hint, all creatives are curious!), then I’d LOVE for you to take the leap and join us.

I promise. The Duck Pond is nothing like a Mr Pierre wig!

The Duck Pond is the real deal. It’s a small investment with a massive, ongoing pay-off.

I’m incredibly proud of the Duck Pond and I know without a doubt it can support, guide and nourish you— no matter where you’re at on your storytelling journey.

Cart opens for one week, starting Monday June 26, 6am

I’ll be there to welcome you in—with bells on. And a beanie, too!

Let’s do this!

Jen xo

PS Join the Duck Pond here. Join for a month or join for a year. Cancel any time! 😉

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