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girlandduck is the most exciting, innovative and supportive destination for anyone wanting to write and create BEAUTIFUL books for children—aka kidlit.

What’s different about us?

Our approach is holistic. It’s big hearted. We care for YOU.

We work hard to ensure you never feel alone because, let’s face it, writing, illustrating and creating books for children can be hard work— psychologically and emotionally!

Whether you’re an author, an illustrator or both, girlandduck can help you develop your talents, focus your energy and create in ways that will surprise and delight you.

Don’t go it alone.

Learn to write and create BEAUTIFUL books for children with Jen Storer

Hi! I’m Jen Storer

Children’s book author (23 books so far…)

Creative writing coach

Director and Chief Inspirationalist at girlandduck.com

I created girlandduck to help YOU write beautiful books for children, too!

Don’t waste time feeling left out, second guessing your creative calling or making rookie mistakes.

Join me here at girlandduck. Together we’ll explore and master the art of kidlit creation.

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