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Thoughts on C19: Are we in this together— or not?

Something I’ve noticed during C19 is how difficult it is to put yourself in the shoes of others. Ironically, when something hits us globally it’s really, REALLY hard to think globally. We’re all in this together. But also. We’re not. Each of us is experiencing the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns as individuals. Our worlds …

Picture this…

So, this has been happening… And this… This too… A Samhain altar from our ancestors… (It’s Samhain tomorrow, April 30, Southern Hemisphere.) And this (see below). I’m speaking ‘stone language’ with a mystery walker! Every time I go down this little trail (it’s very secluded) I leave another discreet little ‘sticks and stones’ arrangement. Then, …

Simple advice

My thoughts for today, such as they are. What can I bring my readers that’s a bit different? What can I say that might lift their spirits or make them feel less alone? Let’s begin with words I’ve currently banned from this blog: Unprecedented Extraordinary Challenging With my hand on the Macquarie Dictionary, I swear …