Hello, I’m Jen! Welcome to girl & duck.

Are you an emerging children’s author, illustrator or mixed media artist?

Maybe you just want to learn more about creative writing, illustrating and the world of kids books in general.

Or perhaps you just want to goof around with other big-hearted creatives for a while, feel inspired, be part of something bigger.

Either way, girl and duck is just for you.

jen storer children's author

I’m acclaimed children’s author, Jen Storer. This is me holding some of the novels I’ve written. Oo la la!

I write picture books, too.

I’m published by HarperCollins, and Penguin/Random House. My books are loved by thousands of kids (and adults).

Rambling Writer alert.

Here’s a video of me talking about creativity and writing books for kids and all the sparkly ways  girl and duck can help you:

Let me show you how to write books for children, how to shine on the slush pile, how to live a more creative life. Let me introduce you to other creatives who are just as passionate as you.

Let’s go!

Jen xo



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I want to learn heaps more about creative writing. Tell me about your online course, Scribbles, Jen! 

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