Intuitive Creativity

Thoughts Inspired by The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

I’ve been reading The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, an elegant parable about finding one’s destiny while also uncovering the treasure within.

Here’s a picture of it on the train with me… 😉

When we tap into the ‘language of the universe’ (as suggested in The Alchemist) and learn to read signs and omens, we actually tap into our intuition.

When I had a major ‘tower moment’ in my thirties, I turned my back on common-sense and made a commitment to follow my heart, follow the niggle, and trust that there was true and meaningful treasure in that direction. (I chat in more detail in this episode. )

As artists and writers, our intuition calls us to our practice in the first instance — and then to certain projects.

Our intuition will also guide us through those projects.

If we let it.

If we hone it.

If we learn to trust it.

Thirty years ago, I followed the niggle to change my life in major ways.

And now here I am today, chatting with beautiful you!

I’m so glad I followed the niggle.

I hope I can help you follow yours too!
Listen to the podcast here

 Jen xo

PS My intuition tells me loads more creators are going to jump into the Duck Pond this winter!

 Why? Because word is spreading.

And people are listening.

People are knowing instinctively (and for a fact!) that it’s the most extraordinary membership on the planet. (No exaggeratin’!)

You don’t just join the Duck Pond and find yourself swimming in circles, quacking into the void. (Have you ever joined a group like that? I have. I’ve  paid BIG money to join some groups only to find they’re… duds. The leader is nowhere in sight. There’s no structure. No support or inspired forward planning. No community spirit. It’s depressing and frustrating. I’ve been bitten and… Ouch!)

That’s why I make it my priority to ensure the Duck Pond is exceptional. It offers the BEST value, the best support, the best fun, info and energy.

The Duck Pond is here for you. I’m here for you.

And, you know, I’ve been here for you since 2015. I’m a fixed and immutable Taurus (!) and I LOVE supporting fellow creatives just like YOU.

Make sure you’re on the waiting list. I’ll write the moment our doors open. You bet I will!

Stay quacky! Jxx



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