4 Weeks to Write a Picture Book

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Hello, Picture Books! The tricksters of the children’s book industry.

They look easy, right?

Anyone with a pen and ten minutes could write a picture book.

Well, yeah, I guess that’s true.

Anyone could write a picture book.

Dum de dum…

A BAD picture book!

Try writing a beautiful, funny, quirky or lyrical picture book, something fresh and original with more depth than a shopping list, a book that children will want to enjoy over and over, a book that adults won’t want to throw across the room, a book that publishers will delight in publishing, and watch your brain melt.

Writing excellent, well crafted picture books is hard work.

It requires knowledge.

It requires expertise.

And it requires patience.

Plus, every time you do it — it’s a challenge.

It never gets easy.

It is always BAFFLING!

That’s why you need this course.

Whether you’ve written ten picture books or half a picture book, whether your picture book is still a dream or you’ve won awards for your talent, I created this course for YOU.

Enrolments for this course are currently closed.

Want to know when this course opens again in 2023?
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So, Jen, what goes on in this course?

In this course, I take you through my tried and true process.

It’s a fun, playful and intelligent process that will lead you to a finished manuscript in four weeks. This manuscript will be one of your greatest learning tools. It will strengthen your foundations and build your confidence.

With this course under your belt, you can move forward and create even more beautiful work. Over and over again, if that’s what you want.

This course is NOT focussed on telling you want not to do. Beware of this. Beware of that. Don’t do this. Don’t do that.

This course is NOT about fostering self-doubt or scaring the pants off you.

It’s about getting you into the DOING phase, quick smart! So you gain more experience and more clarity— faster. So you can approach your work with the professionalism that comes from knowledge and experience. Yippee!

Here’s a sneak peek inside…

What else happens in this course?

Well, I put boundaries around your creativity. (Yep, I’m tough. It’s the only way to ensure that you don’t stall, second guess yourself or get overwhelmed. Let’s save time by skipping that drama.)

Basically, I help you get out of your own way.

I also help you unleash talents and ideas you might not be aware.

Over the four weeks, you’ll feel guided, supported, enthusiastic and empowered.

Together, we give your creativity direction and momentum— it’s a kind of ‘training’ you can draw on over and over again as you develop your skills and become more productive. And, as everyone knows, a successful picture book author is a productive picture book author.

After all, why stop at one? Ideas for picture books are like butterflies. Pretty and fleeting. You need a net to catch them. Experience and knowledge form that net.

Enrolments for this course are currently closed.

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I’ve been working in the children’s book publishing industry for more than twenty years (as both a writer and as an editor).

I’ve been teaching and mentoring children’s authors for more than ten years.

I’ve had 23 children’s books published, all of them with Top Five publishers (HarperCollins, and Penguin/Random House).

My books have been commercially successful and critically acclaimed. From the Prime Minster’s Literary Awards to kid’s choice awards such as YABBA to a wide (and occasionally kooky) variety of TV and stage appearances, I’ve been there).

I bring years of experience and knowledge to everything I create at girl&duck, as well as my love of teaching —and my love of a little bit of nonsense (see above)!

Many of my students have won competitions and mentorships, signed with agents and/or been published by traditional publishers.

My goal is to ensure all my students grow quickly in confidence and knowledge and, if publication is their dream, jump ahead of the queue.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing YOU achieve your dreams.

Writing a picture book is demanding, intricate and highly creative.

But you know, what?

Picture books create readers—and that can change the world.

Good quality picture books foster intelligent, insightful, compassionate little humans who grow up to be intelligent, compassionate, insightful adults.

That’s worth our effort. Our dedication.

What we’re doing, in creating children’s literature, is contributing to the change we want to see in this big, wonky world.

But it’s not easy.

Remember, picture books are tricksters. They will test you!

When we do hard things we need support.

Don’t deny yourself that support.

Hop in. I’ll help you create, laugh, grow your knowledge and flourish.

Enrolments for this course are currently closed.

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How this Course Works

Every Monday morning for four weeks, you are drip fed (via email links), the course videos and downloadable PDFs.

Week One: Hello Stranger!

Meet your character AND their problem. Explore the theme of your book, too.

We also learn about the categories of picture books and any other little nuts and bolts you need at this point. (I’m careful not to overwhelm you.)

I also guide you through the FUN, three-step process I always use to teach creative writing. This process has been refined over my years of teaching and mentoring, and over years of doing it myself. (I walk my talk. #23bookspublished.)

Week Two: Let’s Start Writing

Together we set an achievable writing goal so that you can get cracking. I also put boundaries around your creativity to ensure you stay focussed.

We explore narrative arcs, too. This lesson includes a scribbly exercise to quickly (and merrily) reinforce your learning about story structure.

Week Three: The Deep Dive

Your narrative is coming together (loosely). We discuss TEN ways you can tighten it, enrich your story world and make your picture book more enthralling.

Week Four: The Overhaul

Let’s polish your story and really make it shine! Includes techniques for rewriting, plus a bonus module on dealing with your Inner Critic.

Live Call with Jen

A live coaching call is scheduled for TBC


A pop-up Facebook is attached to this course. The group functions as a Picture Book Mastermind where you can workshop ideas, talk about your wins and challenges and connect with other creators.


There are plenty of downloadable PDFs in this course, with all the key points included. No time to take notes? Print out the downloads and add them to your writing resource library!


How much is the course?

The course is $275 AUD (includes GST)

Payment plan also offered (two monthly instalments)

Can I buy now but start later?

Yes, of course! While it’s fantastic to go through with the group, you can also buy the course, receive all the modules at the same time as everyone else, but do the course work later when you’re ready. Just store the course modules on your computer and visit them when you’re ready.

How long do I have access to the course materials?

You have access for at least 12 months from time of purchase.

I already know a lot about writing Picture Books. Will this course be of any use to me?

I can’t imagine how you wouldn’t enjoy this course and get heaps out of it! #keeplearning

I’m clueless about writing Picture Books. Will this course help?

You betcha! I’ll help you get focussed and together we’ll work on the gaps in your knowledge.

What if I can’t make it to the live coaching call?

No worries! The call is recorded then posted on the course website. You’ll also be invited to email your questions to me beforehand and I’ll answer them during the call.

Will you provide feedback on my work?

It’s not possible for me to provide feedback. My courses are VERY popular and, well, there’s only one me!

But don’t forget there is the live coaching call with me in Zoom, included in this course. All your questions are welcome. Plus, there’s a pop-up Facebook group where you can ask me questions, make friends with other authors and illustrators, form a support network and create your own Picture Book Mastermind!

Can you get me published?

No. Only a publisher can get you published. (Unless you go the indie route, of course.) What I can do is help tip the scales in your favour—via quality education, unique experiences, valuable support and networking opportunities.

Where can I ask more questions or get help?

Just send us an email: girlandduck@gmail.com. We LOVE helping YOU!

Enrolments for this course are currently closed.

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