Creativity Consults with Jen Storer

Let’s Get Together!

I’m currently working with clients in longer-term, six-week coaching packages, Focus in Six.

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Creativity Consults

This coaching consultation is for you if :

  • You need someone to bounce ideas off
  • You’re looking for guidance in a specific area of your creative writing or artistic self-expression
  • You’re feeling lost, muddled or stuck in the trenches
  • You’re building an amazing, creative life and you’d love a high-vibe conversation to keep you energised and inspired
  • You would love to spend time with a like-minded soul who has been there, done that, who can hold space for you and hear you out
  • You’d like a coach to gently point out your ‘blind spots’
  • You would like to discuss your creative recovery
  • You’re floundering creatively or losing momentum
  • You crave personal support, inspiration and encouragement
  • Life Coaching appeals to you but you don’t want to commit to a long-term ‘package’
  • You dream of living a fuller life and would like to take one small but decisive step towards that

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creativity consults with jen storer creativity coach

How These Sessions Work

This one-hour Zoom session is all about YOU

  • Together we can explore specifics about where you’re at right now
  • Or we can set a goal for you
  • Or we can simply chat and see where the spirit leads us. (In my experience, this kind of freefall discussion can be hugely nourishing— and have hidden benefits not always present in a simple goal-setting process.)

During our time together, I invite you to ground and centre. I pull an oracle card (which is always a potent starting point). After this, I invite you to chat openly about your creativity, your dreams, your goals.

I honor your vulnerability and the courage it takes to enter into a conversation like this.

Our time together constitutes a brief but potent sacred exchange.

Important Nuts and Bolts

If you decide to purchase a session, please go to the booking link below and follow the prompts.

As part of the booking process, you will be sent a Client Questionnaire. This brief questionnaire will give me insights into where you’re at right now and how I can help you. It also marks the beginning of the coaching process.

This is a Life Coaching session. It is not a counselling or psychology session. For help in that area please treat yourself kindly and seek professional advice.

(Find a psychologist @ psychology.org.au)

Please read my Policies and Ethics page before booking a session.

I cannot wait to meet you. Here’s to beautiful, creative you!

creativity consults with jen storer creativity coach

Choose a time and book a consult

One-hour Creativity Consults are currently on hold. Please join my waiting list and I’ll let you know when places pop up again!

Times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

1 hour sessionsAMPM
60 minute Creativity Consult with Jen Storer – $250 AUD plus GST

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you read my novel or manuscript?

Sadly, no. This is a life coaching session. I do not provide manuscript appraisals. However, I am more than happy to bounce ideas around. I’m also happy to provide input on how you might develop an idea or concept. I am the queen of creative development and have years of experience in that realm!

I’ve written a picture book. Will you read the story and give me feedback?

I do not provide feedback on any written work. However, I am more than happy to bounce ideas around with you. We can also play with ideas and concepts you might be thinking about or want to explore more deeply.

Can you give me feedback on my art and illustrations?

Although I would LOVE to see your work, this is not the forum for that. This is a space where we explore your dreams, your visions, your challenges, and your beautiful goals.

I want to work with you over an extended period. Do you provide long- term packages?

At this stage I do not offer packages. However, if I do open places, I will let you know via email. Just make sure you stay on my mailing list so I can find you!

That was so wonderful! I’d love to come back again. Can I book another consultation sometime?

Yes, of course! You’re welcome to book another consult later.

How long does a consultation go for?

The booking form says 60 minutes. But please allow an extra 15 minutes. We need wriggle room when we’re holding space for your dreams!

Are the sessions recorded?
No. I do not record the sessions. This is mainly for privacy reasons, yours and mine. I want you to feel free to express yourself, without technology hovering. I also like you to engage more deeply and be present ‘in the now’. It’s way more effective for you.

Should I bring anything to the session?
Yes! Bring a notebook and pen. I encourage clients to scribble down their thoughts, ideas and insights as we go. Also, bring a glass of water. This is thirsty work. Oh, and possibly some tissues. Tears (happy or relief tears!) are often shed during coaching sessions.

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