Hello, sugar. This is me, HRH, Queen of Girl and Duck, the most supportive and inspiring resource for kidlit creators in THE UNIVERSE. #theQueenhasspoken.

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’m a bestselling and critically acclaimed author of about twenty books to date. I love every one of those books and feel so proud every time I look at them.

I’m published by two of the best publishers in the world, HarperCollins, and Penguin/ Random House. I have thousands of readers and loads of kids who write to me regularly—one of my favourite jobs is answering reader mail, I get to write back and use loads of stickers and pretty paper and washi tape and…

Life wasn’t always so peachy.

I was lost for years. I didn’t  fit in anywhere. I worked in the public service. A shoe shop. A garage. I went nursing and goofed around in various operating theatres pretending I was Hot Lips from Mash.

In my thirties I got married, moved to Queensland and tried to play wife. But eight months after my son was born, my marriage fell apart.

I was in shock for months. I was a new mum in a new city, no friends, no family nearby, no job. I threw myself into spirituality and personal development books. For a time they were my only solace. (Apart from my gorgeous boy, of course!)

Eventually, I got me some therapy.

It was a huge turning point.

The psychologist was an angel. Not only that, she was a funny, inspiring, enthusiastic angel who believed in me. She saw my potential. She encouraged me to follow my dreams of getting a tertiary education and developing my creativity.

We spent our final session talking about Mac computers. After that, we both knew I’d be okay!

I got into my little car and I drove back across Australia from Brisbane to Melbourne—a three-day journey when it’s just you and a toddler.

I found a flat and enrolled in university as a mature aged student (holy schizzle).

For the next six years I studied Literature and Film Studies while working part-time as a nanny—and an ironing lady. Can you imagine? LOL.

Along the way I took self-development classes. Read mountains of books including The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron—which cracked open my heart .

In 1999, a week or two after I graduated, more serendipity kicked in. I had $500 left in the bank and was gearing up to take a job in a pharmaceutical company. I had a snazzy grey suit and a white shirt. I was even trying to straighten my hair…

But the universe would have none of it.

Out of the blue I was offered work experience at a boutique children’s publisher here in Melbourne.

It was a game changer. I was plunged headlong into the colourful, playful, crazy world of children’s literature.

I learned to write, edit, direct photo shoots, develop amazing projects, clean toilets and swear like a trooper…

Nearly two decades later I’m in the best place of all. The place where I have something wonderful to share—knowledge, experience, inspiration and, of course, loads of giggles.

Thank you for dropping by.

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Jen xo




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