Rewriting Fiction, e-course

Enrolments for this course (as at May 2023) are now closed.

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The thought of rewriting can be daunting. You’re not alone if it freaks you out. In fact, it freaks out everyone. Whether you’re a crusty warhorse or a starry-eyed debutante, when someone says ‘time to rewrite’ we all turn a little green.

But the thing is, rewriting is all part of the journey. It’s what we do to make our work… work. For newbies it’s a rite of passage. For those of us in the game, it’s simply the next step.

There’s no shame, no judgement, no need to panic.

Rewriting just is. You gotta do it. We all gotta do it.

Editors and publishers LOVE writers who know how to do a good rewrite and will always give them that little extra ‘something’. I want you to be that nurtured author. I want your story to be the best it can be because all who come across it (as well as you!) CARE deeply.

That’s why I’ve poured all my energy and experience (as an editor and an accomplished author) into this unique, frank and highly personal e-course.

Join me .

I’ll walk you through exactly how I go about a rewrite, from the copyedit right through to the structural edit… And back again!

My dream is to get you to a place where you calmly embrace rewriting—like a curmudgeonly friend. You might sigh, but you feel a certain tenderness towards them.

I want you to feel empowered and clued-up when you come to your rewrites.

I want you to see behind the curtain and understand it’s not rocket science. It’s just another part of the creative process.

Gosh, we might even get you to love rewriting! (Okay, let’s not get too carried away.)

Here’s What You Get

Week One Video Tutorial: Rewriting Novels.

Part One: The Copyedit.

Part Two: The Structural Edit.

A thorough examination of both these aspects of rewriting and how I go about them. Includes examples from my own work. Plus, some ‘serious’ and supportive discussion around mindset. How you deal with your fears at this stage in the process, is crucial.

Week Two Video Tutorial: Working with Editors. Rewriting Picture Books

Part One: Working with Editors. A largely anecdotal (and therefore eye-opening) discussion that looks at how problems are resolved in-house, what editors expect of authors, what authors should expect from editors and how important it is for authors to master the skill (and mindset) of rewriting for publishers. Includes more examples from my own 20-year experience.

Part Two: Rewriting Picture Books. Some suggestions, ideas and anecdotes to help you make your PB text pop!

One live, group-coaching call. Come along and meet me in Zoom. I’ll answer all your questions, offer more suggestions on how you might escape a stuck or scary place, settle any niggles you have, address anything that needs clarification.

Pop-up Facebook Group. Of course there’s a FB group! You need friends on a journey like this. Even though the course only goes for two weeks, it’s still important to connect and chat in a dedicated space.

FAQs (please read)

How is the material delivered?

Via email.

Week One tutorial is delivered, Monday May 8, 6am AEST.

Week Two tutorial is delivered, Monday May 15, 6am AEST

When is the live call?

The live call is at the end of the course, Monday May 22, 7pm AEST.

A Zoom link will be emailed to you ahead of time.

I can’t make it to the live call.

No problem. It will be recorded and added to the course homepage for you to enjoy any time.

I can’t do the course right now. Can I buy it and look at it later?

Sure can! Once you have the material it’s YOURS to keep.

If I haven’t had time to look at the course material, can I still come to live call?

You betcha! I’d LOVE to have you along! Who knows, maybe all you need is that one lovely coaching call to work its magic on you.

I write adult fiction will this material help me?

Totally! (Maybe not the picture book stuff though…) You need to master copyediting and structural editing whether your novel is about fairies, politics or Renaissance romance. And, hello? Mindset. Crucial to your success and to your enjoyment of the craft.

When will you run this course again?

Not this year. Possibly in 2024. I can’t make any promises.

Will you be running the Character Creation Intensive again later this year?

Sadly, no. This is the only time I’m offering the intensive in 2023.

I have other questions, Jen…

Gotcha! Email us! We’re totally here for you and happy to answer all your questions. girlandduck@gmail.com

Enrolments for this course (as at May 2023) are now closed.

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