Girl & Duck Hall of Fame


Shortlist 2020

Junior Fiction – JF 2020

Jelly Wobbles – Louise Little
Pom and Bear Go to Space – Kylie Covark
Side by Side – Carly Mitchell
The Accidental Mouse – Liz Ledden

Middle Grade – MG 2020

Once Upon a Monkey’s Sneeze – Kylie Covark
Storm Flower – Sheila Knaggs
The Impossible Choices of Christophe Charnier – Anna Quinlan
The Museum of Lost Ideas – Terena Boniwell
The Parent Tamer – Teena Raffa-Mulligan
The Reindeer and the Submarine – Beverley McWilliams
The Rojadian’s Secret – Leigh Roswen

Picture Book – PB 2020

Forest Song – Tracey Dembo
Lavender’s Bubbles – Wendy Bridges
Moth in Paris – Amy Dunjey
Tessa’s Imaginarium – Shara Curlett
The Beckoning Beach and the Secrets She Keeps – Sheila Knaggs
The Billabong Bush Dance – Amy Dunjey
The Fabulous Hair of Lottie La Flair – Kerri Day
The Jelly Bean Machine – Suzanne Houghton
Franco Flamingo – Angela Costigan

Storyboard – SB 2020

If snails were BIG – Anna Wilson
Left – Cindy Chong
The Goose Is Out! – Elizabeth Stewart

Poetry (for children) – PY 2020

Big Bad Bill – Bernadette Kelly
Brown Paper – Sheila Knaggs
Freezing Time – Tracey Dembo
All the Fun of Picnics – Liz Ledden
The Little Boat and me – Jackie Hosking
Once Upon a Seed – Amy Dunjey

Scribbles Creative Writing Awards 2019

Award Winners

Junior Fiction – JF 2019

Winner: Trolley Boy – Sheila Knaggs

Highly Commended: What Have You Done? – Diane Finlay

Highly Commended: Crunch Time – Kylie Covark

Highly Commended: The Bird, the Bear and the Book – Paula Stevenson

Middle Grade – MG 2019

Winner: Sky Bricks – Mandy Langlois

Highly Commended: Outsiding Leigh Roswen

Picture Book – PB 2019

Winner: Bound Together – Beth Dolan

Highly Commended: A Stick and a Stone – Sarina Dickson

Picture Book Storyboard – SB 2019

Winner: Carrot Capers – Danielle McDonald

Highly Commended: Mila’s Ocean – Laura Hockley

Poetry (for children) – PY 2019

Winner: Hush – Tracey Barnes

Highly Commended: Moon Rise, Sun Set – Claire Thomas


Shortlist 2019

Junior Fiction – JF 2019

Crunch Time
Kylie Covark

What Have You Done?
Diane Finlay

Trolley Boy
Sheila Knaggs

To Help an Elf
Teena Raffa-Mulligan

The Bird, the Bear and the Book
Paula Stevenson

Middle Grade – MG 2019

Where the Bunyip Lies
Amira Beadsmoore

Zane Zalumsky – Life Hacks And Generally Cool Stuff From A Reformed Non-Reader
Emma Bowd

Bad Becky
Beth Dolan

Sky Bricks
Mandy Langlois

Paper Heart
Carly Mitchell

Leigh Roswen

Picture Book – PB 2019

A Stick and a Stone
Sarina Dickson

Bound Together
Beth Dolan

Betsy’s Bargain Bloomers
Jackie Hosking

The Tortoise and the Hair
Suzanne Houghton

There Are Fleas In My Peas
Catherine Meatheringham

More Sunshine, Grandpa!
Jo Staker

Adorn the Sky
Claire Thomas

The Black
Shaye Wardrop

Storyboard – SB 2019

Float or Sink?
Kylie Covark

Mila’s Ocean
Laura Hockley

Carrot Capers
Danielle McDonald

Not Another Unicorn Book
Claire Thomas

Poetry (for children) – PY 2019

Tracey Barnes

Kylie Covark

My Island
Jackie Hosking

Grumpy Bum
Mandy Langlois

Happiness Is…
Carly Mitchell

Moon Rise, Sun Set
Claire Thomas


Scribbles Creative Writing Awards 2018

Award Winners

Junior Fiction – JF
Winner: Sophie’s Egg – Anna Quinlan
Highly Commended: Elkie and the Pixies: Pinata Disaster – Liz Ledden

Middle Grade – MG
Winner: Muluwa – Sally Crane
Highly Commended: Cloud Watchers – Carly Mitchell | The Dark – Leigh Roswen

Picture Book – PB
Winner: Sand Dunes – Claire Thomas
Highly Commended: The Wall of Broken Things – Rebecca Landy

Storyboard – SB
Winner: Scrambled Eggs – Anna McGregor
Highly Commended: Ava’s Aviary – Danielle McDonald

Shortlist 2018:

Junior Fiction – JF

Broken House – Carole Lander

Elkie and the Pixies: Pinata Disaster – Liz Ledden

Sadie Simpson Series: Inky and the Dawn Torch – Fiona Lloyd

Sophie’s Egg – Anna Quinlan

Merry Christmas Beetle – Leigh Roswen

Middle Grade – MG

Jonis in the Library – Gretchen Bernet-Ward

Druscilla Wallop: Dragon Detective – Holly Bidwell

The Marvellous Garden at Long Acre Lodge – Emma Bowd

Myth & Mayhem in Misty Gully – Cindy Chong

Muluwa – Sally Crane

SOS: Save Our School – Beth Dolan

Jimbob: A True Grime Story – John Fahy

Cloud Watchers – Carly Mitchell

Chosen – June Perkins

Skeleton in the Cupboard – Anna Quinlan

The Desperate Journey of Elsbet Johari – Arna Radovich

The Dark – Leigh Roswen

Shifting – Paula Stevenson

The Trouble with Davey Parker – Pamela Ueckerman

Picture Book – PB

Goodnight, Indigo – Emma Bowd

A Christmas Tale – Jackie Hosking

The Wall of Broken Things – Rebecca Landy

The Magic Scissors – Mandy Langlois

The Yak & the Yeti – Carly Mitchell

Jack’s Back – Teena Raffa-Mulligan

The Dry – Paula Stevenson

Sand Dunes – Claire Thomas

Storyboard – SB

Yum Yum Series – Naughty Noodle/Please Pancake – Cindy WM Chong

The Best Birthday Ever – Suzanne Houghton

Ava’s Aviary – Danielle McDonald

Scrambled Eggs – Anna McGregor

The Plok – Claire Thomas

A Fox’s Wedding – Inda Ahmad Zabri