4 Creativity Tips That Might Be New to You

Creative Writing Tips Galore!

Okay, I’ve got four tips for you again today. I’m obsessed with four, aren’t? I think it’s my brain’s favourite number. Anything more than four and my brain drifts away. La la la…
Having said that.
There is one extra tip in this week’s ep, and here it is…
EXTRA TIP: If you’re new around here (hello!) and please, for the love all things creative, get yee out of this blog and into the rest of the girlandduck website. Check out all the freebies (I made them with YOU in mind).

If you’re in love with kidlit, creative writing, illustrating, or if you just want to learn, explore and express yourself more authentically, skip over to the freebies and grab yourself the goodness, the guidance,  and the secret sauce. 

Just look for FREEBIES, in the main menu.

The girl&duck Podcast

The other FOUR tips I discuss in this podcast episode:

One: Get a manuscript assessment BEFORE you finish writing your book. Yep! Don’t wait. Don’t even think you have to wait. Just get those first few chapters under someone’s nose and get some professional feedback—early. I share my experience in this episode.

Two: Start multiple projects. Yes siree. You heard me right. Permission to have several things on the go—at the same time. One caveat: Limit it. (Choose a number and stick to it. Might be four!)

Three: Choose one thing and finish it. As we go into the second half of the year it’s a good time to make a choice. Get a deadline. A schedule. A plan. Commit to one project and finish it. There is so much gold in finishing AND you will feel ten feet tall and well-deserving of a shiny medal or a pretty crown.

Four: Get a reader’s report on your WIP (work in progress). A reader’s report is different from a manuscript assessment but can be just as powerful. I share my experience in this episode.

Listen to the podcast here. Yay!

Big awkward hugs

Jen xo

PS The Duck Pond opens again soon. I cannot wait to fling open the doors. There’s so much inspo, guidance, support and LOVE in store for you!

‘I have had the joy of being a member of the Duck Pond for many years now. Not only have I found my tribe and some very dear friends amongst the flock, I have also learned a great deal.

Jen is incredibly knowledgeable and generous with that knowledge. She facilitates our learning through personal Q&A, and writing activity sessions called ‘Office Hours’— which she conducts with warmth, kindness and inclusivity.

The masterclass series is curated to maximise members’ growth in creative skills and confidence.
These classes provide a fabulous opportunity to learn from experts in the industry as well as personal development experts.

I could not recommend this community more highly to anyone interested in writing and illustrating children’s books.’ 
Mandy Langlois

Mandy has been with us since we first rang the Duck Pond bell! She has been, in many ways, a lynchpin for our community and a confidante for me. I am so grateful to know Mandy and have her on our ‘team’.

Her writing and her illustrations reflect her intelligence, sensitivity and courage. And her current beautiful WIP is close to all our hearts.

We are with you all the way, Mandy! (I’m sure she’s reading this little newsletter.) Thank you for your ongoing support and unwavering passion! 

Find Mandy herehttps://www.mandylanglois.com/

Find the Duck Pond (and LOADS of other testimonials) herehttps://girlandduck.com/the-duck-pond-2/

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