This Gentle Life: A Reflection

So this happened.

Last week, I made scones for the local library. We were having a Devonshire Tea stall at the local agricultural show. But I couldn’t make it to the show. So I dropped the scones over to my neighbour and asked her to drop them off for me.

She said, ‘But they have to be on paper plates.’

I said, ‘No way!’

She said, ‘Yes, way!’

I said, ‘What? Why?’

She shrugged. ‘They won’t accept them if they’re not on white paper plates.’

I said, ‘WTF? That’s bizarre. Just drop them off like they are.’

She looked at me doubtfully and took the scones as they were (in dodgy plastic takeaway containers).

Yeah. We figured it out later.

She thought I was entering them in the bake-off. Not donating them to the library stall.

Somehow, no thanks to me, she figured it all out when she got to the show.

Okay. Maybe you had to be there.


It. Was. FUNNY!

I missed the show because Himself and I went to Romsey (nearby country town) to meet Lisa Stewart (illustrator of Wibble Wobble) and hear her string quartet play.

That was a heavenly way to pass the time, I can tell you!

Meanwhile, I finished knitting that blanket. You know. The one I told you about.

Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten?! Ha!

I’ve been knitting it all winter and I finished this arvo while listening to podcasts. We had a cold snap, today. Yay! Tonight, I can watch Lord of the Rings, tucked up under my ‘new’ blanket.

I made more scones this morning. Jude Rossell was swinging by. So I made scones because my mother and Stephanie Alexander taught me that’s what you do when you live in the country and city folk drop by…

Jude came bearing donuts. Special donuts.

We ate A LOT. And drank lashings of tea. We talked kidlit, the Scribbles CWAs, travel, books and Highland cows.

I picked flowers, today, too.

I’ve been reading a bit of this and that. Brene Brown. Sharon Blackie. Phyllis Curott. All the glorious women. The tender, intelligent, ballsy women.

Speaking of which. I talked with my lovely friend and fellow B-Schooler, Friderike Hirsch-Wright, the other night on Youtube.

Check out the interview. Maybe do some art while you’re listening. Now, there’s a good idea!

Nothing profound to say today, dear reader.

Except that it’s all profound, isn’t it?

Every small wonder. Every shared moment. Every tiny blessing.

May your day go forward with blessings, dear reader.

Today and every day.

Jen xx

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