A Freebie for You. Plus, Let’s Celebrate Picture Book Month!

From time to time I send out this download to the creatives on my mailing list. ¬†I wrote this download as a blog post ages ago, in response to a wildly common question:How do I know what I'm writing?Say what?The thing is, when it comes to writing books for children, people (especially newbies) get bamboozled. …

How to Connect Deeply with Your Readers

Girl and Duck

When you run an online biz you have to get comfy with REJECTION. You say, I've created this¬†amazing, creative writing community. People say, Maybe later. You say, I wrote this really cool book. People say, Whatevs. You say, I recorded a podcast. People say, I'd rather listen to Frank Sinatra. You say, I bought a new teapot. People say, Oo, pretty! …

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