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Hey there bloggy reader!

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Meantime, here’s a copy of my latest museletter, just for your precious eyeballs.

Dear Reader

Here’s what happed last time I wrote to you…

That’s right! I bade you farewell and went abroad! Pictorial evidence presented below.

In a nutshell, (and in case you’re new around here),  My Husband and I (yes, I am the Queen) recently went boing, boing, boing right across ‘Pudding Island’ (aka the UK), as well as Scotland and Ireland (first time ever for me!) — with a quick skip around Singapore thrown in for good measure (hence the pic of your lightly clad Chief Inspirationalist in Haji Lane.)

It was of course a GLORIOUS experience and one I’m still processing and integrating.

I had some unexpected insights too.

For one, I realised how incredibly privileged I am to live where I live.

And with that realisation came this pull (and firm decision) to commit even more deeply to the amazing life I have been blessed with. I might even buy me some chickens! (I’ve been scared of committing to chickens — and to several other things in my life…)

Do you have any metaphorical chickens in your life, dear reader? Where have you been holding back, keeping one foot on the brake, dithering? Is it your turn to seize the day?

Something to ponder, don’t you agree? #thisisyourtime


OMG, how pretty is York?? We started watching Downton Abbey while here. Have never seen it before. I am sooo in love Lady Mary. And the Dowager.

Similarly, what I thought I would LOVE (the history, the culture, the direct connection with Celtic mythology etc) was usurped by the even deeper realisation that just like Peter Allen and without a trace of jingoism, I still call Australia home. Finally setting foot in what I had always imagined was my spiritual home (ie, beautiful Ireland) I realised that, wow,  Australia really is where I belong. I came to grips with the stark (and startling) truth that real life doesn’t happen somewhere else. It happens exactly where you are — and more importantly, where you choose to make it happen.

While I haven’t always conceded,  Australia is and will always be ‘my blood’s country’.

Does that make sense?

Possibly not. As I said, I’m still processing. Forgive me for being garbled.

Hey Jen, enough with the pontificating! Tell me what you bought overseas, that’s why I opened this bloody email…

Yes! Here you go, dear reader. Another pictorial.

Weight was always our (nay, Himself’s) highest priority so basically I stuck to anything flat and light. Pretty greeting cards, baubles and fridge magnets, little scraps of art etc.

See the Chagall print? The hare? The crows? I picked these up in London, Loch Lomond, Edinburgh, in that order.

The novel, one of five (ahem) HEAVY acquisitions, is a true beauty and worth reading if you like traditional, mildly scary, gothic tales set in remote, windswept communities.

I also bought an umbrella in Singapore. And used it constantly in Cork. (We had amazing weather wherever we went and near the end of our journey actually embraced the Cork rain like an old friend).


Suffice to say, this is happening:


My dear reader, it is lovely to be back. 

Thank you for travelling with me, for reading my museletters, for penning gentle comments and slinging them my way now and then, for putting your trust in me and signing up for the girl&duck experience. I deeply appreciate you and always look forward to our time together.

Until next time—and in creative solidarity, I remain

Yours beneath a kitsch umbrella

Jen xo

PS As you may have gathered, this is my time of reinvention. I am currently reimagining my life, my direction, my purpose and how I can be of more service to YOU. 

As part of this new visioning (and new magic), in 2023 I am gently changing things up in the Duck Pond; making it even more holistic in its approach to you and your creativity with masterclasses from esteemed professionals from all sorts of industries.

I’ll share more about this soon.

In the meantime, if you’re thinking of working (and playing and creating) with me more closely in 2023, TOTAL YAY!! The Duck Pond Christmas sale is now on.

Take the plunge and jump into the Pond. You will LOVE it. I cannot wait to support you in 2023, it’s going to be an amazing year! 


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4 Replies to “What I bought overseas”

  1. Hi Jen, so inspiring OS travel. I did the same first overseas travel to the Mother Country in 2017. Loved it. I also was a nurse in a previous life now retired so thinking I may get into writing next year. So pleased you had a wonderful holiday.
    Love, Sharon

  2. Love that first image. I remember my family waving us goodbye. 😢
    We are huge Downton fans. Even visited Highclear castle and bought t-shirts! She is a wonderful character. So glad you had a good trip – finally! Adored seeing all the photos.

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