A day in the life of higgledy-piggledy

Rambling writer alert! Read at your own peril…

I have very little to offer you on this Thursday afternoon, dear reader, and yet I still feel compelled to pick up a pen and scratch a few lines.

Perhaps I should write in my journal and keep my muddled thoughts private.


I am sitting here on the couch, staring out the window and feeling a little bit brain dead. Not entirely sure why, although it has been a busy morning with one thing or another (including a lovely, early morning, group coaching call in the Duck Pond.

And then Himself and I went out to lunch.

I didn’t eat the flowers…

After that, we went grocery shopping.

And then we came home.

And then and then and then

Oh yes!

Then I did some girl&duck work. I had some advance planning to do and some people to chase and some emails to… avoid.

Here’s an aside.

When you work from home, most people (especially friends and family) think you don’t work. I know this is an age old bugbear for authors and illustrators.

It’s even more teeth-gnashing for online business owners. No one except us seems to have a clue what it is we actually do and how we go about it.

It’s like we’re in an exclusive club that only weary insiders understand.

In fact, I think online business owners, especially female coaches and entrepreneurs, should invent a secret handshake.

And carry briefcases containing curious artefacts known only to them…

(Can you tell my Dad was in the Masons? Gulp.)

Secret handshakes and curious artefacts. That’s how exclusive and misunderstood our club would be.

Hooray! Hoorah! I love that!

If Enid Blyton were alive today she would join my secret club, FOR SURE!

Once, when I was a full-time writer, (working on FOUR children’s novels at the same time!), I asked my son (who was about 14 at the time) if he thought I worked.

He gave me a withering look. ‘Of course not,’ he said.

Forehead slap.

I’m still making a picture book. It will never see the light of day but i LOVE playing with it and I missed it when I was overseas and it was fun to open it again and go through the spreads. Art for art’s sake, dear reader. If I could get everyone to play like this more often, well, you know…

I took a photo of the Duck Pond, Selfie Saturday Christmas prizes.

Then I did some website design investigations. (It’s ongoing. Like the feckin neverending story. Sigh. Will our website ever meet my expectations or will it always contain holes the size of a Mack truck? )

I also put the finishing touches to a new FREEBIE I have just created.

It’s a collection of transcripts from my Instagram reels. You know, the tips and trick and thoughts that I share over there, all written down and in one place so that you don’t have to go through the Instas looking for reminders. (The peoples do this with my reels, I know because they tell me.)

I LOVE this freebie and I cannot wait to make it live on the website. I’ll let you know when that happens SOOOOOON.


While having my afternoon tea, I did try to listen to a podcast. It really was VERY interesting and helpful podcast all about branding and copywriting and the psychology of words.


The host and the guest had exactly the same voice.

It was like listening to a pair of seagulls.

I could not for the life of me distinguish who was in charge.

This meant I had to listen EXTRA hard to work out what was important and before long… I fell asleep.

I am awake now (although you might wonder at this).

Exhibit A:

I have a candle burning.

It smells like gingerbread.

This saves me from actually having to make gingerbread. #cozycottagefacade

A rose by any other name would be YOU, dear reader.

My tired brain has come back online. I shall not proofread this ramble, I might be tempted to hit DELETE.

For now, you remain my dearest confidant and I am grateful to have found you.

Sending love and imaginary gingerbread

Jen xo

PS The Duck Pond Christmas sale is now in full swing!

If you’d like to spruce up your 2023, hang out with me, love up on your creativity, make some new friends and just generally enrich your life, hop in!

While this sale is on it’s less than 300 bucks for an entire year of being inspired, taken care of and occasionally feeling gobsmacked. (In the nicest possible way. )

Treat yourself, dear reader. Join me! Clickety click. See you in there!

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  1. OMG loved this. I’m dazed, confused and wondering how the helI I have covid yet again! Geez, I’m a careful old crone! Jabbed 4 times, kind to animals etc etc but reading this really cheered me up. 😊

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