Hey, Jen! Are you retiring?

The other day I followed a link to a promising webpage. I was interested in what the business had to offer and I wanted to see who was behind it and, if I felt a connection, I was going to sign up.

Get involved.

I got to the website and guess what?

No face.

No eyeballs to gaze into.

Not even the back of a head.


This was a Wizard of Oz business.

I just cannot connect with a faceless business.

Or a faceless person.

I’m sorry but I can’t.

The only faceless entity I’ve encountered lately is this one:

And, OMG, I do not want to do business with a demigorgon!!

Nor do I want to read it’s feckin blog.

Or join it’s Facebook group.

So. Here’s a pic of me. In case you’ve forgotten what I look like because, let’s ‘face’ it, it’s been MONTHS since I blogged.

Which isn’t to say I haven’t been writing to all the beautiful peoples. I’m still sending fortnightly museletters to the dear ones on my mailing list.

But I keep ‘forgetting’ to blog.

Am I Retiring?

Someone asked me that the other day.

Just because I’ve moved to the country, some folk think I’m rrrretiring. (You have to roll the r on retirement so you can take the piss out of the word.)

Massive vomit.

I cannot bear the thought of rrrretiring and will never use such a creepy word in polite company…

(Yes, I understand it’s cause for celebration in some people and under some circumstances and hey, no judgement, darling. But for me, ‘retirement’ will never stand up in court.)

To be frank, I’m just getting started!

I like doin’ stuff. I like being involved. I like working and connecting and sticking my nose in people’s lives and learning and exploring and


Transitioning feels way more proactive to me. Way more exciting.

Way less corporate and patriarchal, too.

So yeah, things are definitely changing for me. But only because I am transitioning. Not because I’m putting my feet up.

My well-worn boots are still stomping toward new adventures, dear reader!

This Writing Life

A lovely fellow DM’ed me last week and asked if I had any new books coming out.

Short answer?


It’s true, I have actively pulled back from my publishing obligations in the past couple of years.

These past years have been a time of deep reflection, realignment, confusion and relentless self-enquiry. (I know I’m not alone in this!)

What do I want?

More importantly, what do I REALLY want?

Behind the scenes, I’m still writing stories. I begin the fifth book in a junior fiction series next week. And my new middle grade novel is still in play (even though I’ve officially declared it halftime and I’m lying in the sunshine, eating oranges and daydreaming …)

And of course, I am still working closely with all the divine humans in my girl&duck community, enthusiastically coaching, supporting, mentoring and nurturing other writers and artists.

girlandduck is always close to my heart. Even when I’m out and about having breakfast in sunny Melbs. 😉

But other stuff is brewing, dear reader.

Other stuff.

Where to from here?

I don’t like referring publicly to my ‘spiritual journey’. It can sound a bit high falutin’ and, you know, perhaps even a bit kooky.

But, well, help me out here. Stop reading if you’re not up for this, okay?

The thing is, I’ve been dabbling in all things metaphysical for years. And while I was a sapling for many moons, I now feel more grounded.

My spiritual practice has thrown down deep roots. These days, (for the main part), I feel steady, focussed, more capable.

And while I have no idea where it’s all headed, I do know it’s time to trust.

I trust I am being lead. I trust that it’s okay to not know the endgame.

This is NOT a linear path, but it is a path nonetheless.

Follow Your Heart

What does this look like in real terms?

Artwork by Asphyxia.

For me it has meant reopening my witchy Youtube channel and connecting more openly via that platform and within that community. (If you’d like a link to I Found a Fox, just send me an email. I’m not putting links here publicly, I’m not interested in tyre kickers or trolls…)

I’ve been ‘sitting in circle’ quite a lot lately too, as well as working more diligently on ritual creation.


Many of you would know that I studied Life Coaching last year, with Julie Parker and the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. This experience created a massive shift in me—and took quite some time to integrate!

I decided early on that I didn’t want to actually work as a Life Coach. I was more interested in fine tuning my skills so I could bring the very best experience to my girl&duck community

However, lately the call to work more intimately with people in a coaching capacity, has become quite strong. I’ve even done some private coaching and have discovered that I ADORE it.

So, I will be providing 1:1 coaching/consulting services soon. Places will be extremely limited, I am starting very gently, but I am excited to finally offer this. (Please join my mailing list if you’re at all interested.)

All The Books!

Meantime, it’s all about reading, reading, reading. There’s always so much to read! (Which is kind of fabulous, really. I’m definitely not complaining. And, besides, the weather has been perfect for reading and studying and snuggling up with honey chai and cinnamon cookies.)

Having said that, sometimes you have to get out of your head and hit the road, right?


I’m heading to Glastonbury in October. Lots to do and see and connect with in that neck of the woods!

Plus, pics of the Tor? Trust me, dear reader, when the time comes I will SHARE.

Thank you for taking this ramble with me. I deeply appreciate your companionship.

Signing off for now.

Stay tuned, stay creative, and trust the force… 😉

With love

Jen xo

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  1. Glastonbury! Holy shizzle! I had to go back and read it twice to make sure it was real. That’s so exciting Jen. I hate the R word too. Far too busy to even think about putting the feet up. The one on one coaching thing sounds amazing. I knew you’d love it and I know you’ll be amazing.

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