It’s about changes

Dear reader!

It’s been ages since I’ve reintroduced myself and I’ve made so many new friends over the past few months (across many platforms), and there have been so many changes in my life and career, that I felt it was impolite to carry on without pause for breath.

I’m Jen Storer.

While this little blog is fairly tidy (but cricket-y quiet ), if you clapped eyes on my Insta feed, you might vom.

It’s so shambolic and so deeply in need of a Branding Fairy Godmother, I’m almost afraid to carry on.

I cannot tell you.

It seems the socials really do reflect reality. Sometimes. (If only accidentally.)

But change is always messy, right? And I’ve been changing a lot.

First things first.

I’m an accomplished Children’s Author. I’ve written everything from picture books to junior fiction series, to middle grade fantasy. Published by HarperCollins, and Penguin.

I’m also the Founding Director (totally posh) of girlandduck.com (where you have just landed).

This is where I teach the art (and business) of writing books for children.

Throughout the year, I run fantastic e-courses, host a gorgeous membership club called, The Duck Pond, and generally LOVE up on kidlit creators .

I’m also a trained life coach.

I coach women 1:1 around many things from achieving their creative goals to juggling life transitions to embracing menopause, and through all sorts of ‘where to now’ kinda dilemmas.

I’m also a business mindset coach.

I currently have a FREE facebook group (the Slow Coach Project) that supports women and non binary folk who are growing their online service-based businesses.

Inside the Slow Coach Project, I work with coaches, consultants, artists, teachers, authors and illustrators (who also teach or are creating multiple income streams), witches and tarot readers, spiritual counsellors etc.

All of the scrumptious people doing all of the scrumptious things!

I host two podcasts.

One about creative writing (the girlandduck podcast)

And one about online business (the Slow Coach Project). I give tips about establishing and running an online biz and pontificate about all things business, money, sales, visibility. If you have an online business, I’m your clever big sister (who’s also really nice. Just sayin’).

Oh, and I’m totally woo. I’m an Earth Witch, I’m obsessed with the tarot and I’m big on the Law of Attraction.


So there you have it.

I’ve been quietly mutating for the past few years, but basically I’m still the same gal.

Just with a few more hats.

Check out all the links on my home page if you want to make like a bunny rabbit…

Better still, hop on my mailing list (see what I did there?).

I write lovely letters (quite regularly).

Other times, I offer goodies (e-courses and whatnot) and let you know what’s for sale in my shop— because buying stuff is fun, right?

Trust me, I always wanted to be a Shop Girl. And now I am!  #anotherdreamcomestrue

If you’ve stayed to the end , hoorah! Thank you! I shall now send you a virtual Bertie Beetle.

I’ll be back again soon. This blog needs my love and maybe you do too!

Bye for now

Jen xo

We’re so excited to have these two extraordinary humans with us next month in the Duck Pond! (April 2023)

Internationally celebrated illustrator, artist and author, Freya Blackwood, AND the wonderfully clever and highly skilled, Michelle Madden, Commissioning Editor, Penguin/Random House.

We open Picture Book Month with a live masterclass with Freya. Then later in the month we have a live Q&A with Michelle.

There are also gorgeous prizes to be won (books and art supplies) plus all the usual high jinx that mark this very special, annual occasion.

That’s April in the Duck Pond, celebrating Picture Book Month.

If you love picture books and you want to know everything about how to create them with flair and passion, now’s your time to jump in and join us.

Bring your favourite PBs and tell us all about them!

Join for a month or join for a year, the choice is yours. Most of all, just JOIN. You’ll have the BEST time, I promise!

Those pretty links again:

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