What’s Your Purpose in 2023?

Yesterday was Himself’s birthday. His birthday is often a low-key event, following so closely as it does on the heels of another famous bloke’s special day…

Yesterday was no exception. But I know for a fact that Himself had a beautiful day. I made sure of it.

I took him out to breakfast. (Clever, hey?)

I also gave him gourmet Rocky Road.

And some books about camping and tents and how to cook soda bread and cinnamon buns in the wilderness.

Stuff like that.

Then, in the afternoon, all he wanted was to chill out, on his own, with a dude movie. And the Rocky Road.

So. I left him with, All Quiet on the Western Front (I did not roll my eyes), and scuttled off to find something equally groovy (and self-indulgent) to do for myself.

I wound up lazing on our bed with Beatrice (our littlest kitty), filling in my Leonie Dawson workbook for 2023 (I’ve done this every year for about 6 years) and watching random Youtube videos on my laptop.

Which is how I ended up on a pet photography website.


I know!

How random is that?

It gets even more random.

On that pet photography website I found the following quote:
When you walk with purpose you collide with destiny.

I bloody love that!

I quickly googled Dr Beatrice Berry, found her on Youtube, went down another rabbit hole (she is totally ace!) and got  inspired.

So inspired I had to make an Insta graphic and share the quote asap.

Exhibit A:

Now. For many years, this question of having a purpose was something that plagued me.

Haunted me.

What is my purpose?

More importantly, how do I find my purpose?

No seriously.

Where the fuck is it HIDING???

I found this such a perplexing, frustrating and at times downright depressing conundrum.

Until I saw a (silly to some) movie called, The Secret.

At least, I think it was, The Secret.

No matter.

The thing I remember from that (?) film, the thing that really landed for me, was when they got that guy on from Conversations With God.

Neal Donald Walsch I think was his name.

He said, (paraphrasing): ‘There is no blackboard in the sky with your purpose written on it. You have no purpose—except the one that you choose.’


That hit me so hard I cried. Really! I totally sobbed with relief!

It had never occurred to me that I didn’t have a god-given, mysterious, elusive purpose. That my purpose was not in fact a holy grail I must be endlessly chasing.

Your purpose is the one you choose.

Such liberating words.

Which brings me back to Beatrice Berry’s quote.

As a New Year stretches generously before us, it’s fun (and hopefully not a chore) to ponder our purpose.

As I said on Instagram, at the start of the year as you make plans, set goals, scribble ideas, you can spend time thinking about your purpose, and use it as a kind of North Star.

You might nail your purpose.

Or you might just get a vague sense of it. 

Once you have even vague idea of your purpose,  you can decide to walk with it in 2023. Intentionally and deliberately.

Always keeping in mind that a purpose can be seasonal rather than for life. (Another genius insight I picked up along the way.)

Ask yourself, what might my purpose be in this season of my life? For me, this takes the gravity out of the question and makes it more grounded and manageable.

In my current season of life, I believe my purpose is to guide, inspire, inform and entertain. It’s a beautiful, soulful purpose and one I am proud to claim. I’m keeping it front of mind as I plot, plan and magic-up my contributions to 2023.

Walk with purpose in the coming year, dear reader. It will lead you to your destiny and to your highest good.

I just know it.

Always with love

Happy New Year

Jen xo

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See you again soon!


3 Replies to “What’s Your Purpose in 2023?”

  1. I came back to reread because I forgot that quote on colliding with destiny. (So good) Then I saw I hadn’t commented. How rude! I hate to read and run. I had a ‘purpose penny’ drop during that recent workshop thingy I did in January. Now when I sit down to do battle with ‘the verk’ I picture a little person sitting cross legged on the floor near a big bookcase, lost in the pages of something I wrote. Talk about purpose. Talk about inspiring. Blessings.

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