The Duck Pond

The Duck Pond is currently closed. Winter intake, June 26 —July 1, 2023.

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Coming up, Winter ’23 in the Duck Pond

Confident Public Speaking, with Jo Parker, international speaker, coach, educator, space holder. (July’s masterclass)

The Real Deal: Ins and outs of writing non-fiction and narrative non-fiction for young people. With the Queen of kidlit nonfiction, Claire Saxby (August’s masterclass)

September (is Spring, right?). But it’s also Fairy Tale Month in the Duck Pond!

During FairyTale Month there are TWO masterclasses! (2023 presenters tbc)

There are also prizes to be won, (book bundles, art supplies etc) as well as the usual high jinx, passion and creativity that make this annual event SPARKLE!

Don’t wait to get all your beautiful ducks in a row. Join us this winter and snuggle in!

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And YES. All classes and live calls are recorded. We’ve gotcha!

Duck Pond Bonuses

As well as bringing you masterclasses with professional authors and illustrators (who are at the top of their game), we’re also bring in coaches and speakers from the wellbeing and personal development industries.

I also bring my life coaching expertise to Office Hours where we write together, set goals together, talk about our struggles and triumphs in a relaxed and safe, virtual circle.


I’m here every month to guide, mentor, answer questions, inspire and motivate you to create gorgeous stories AND a beautiful, self-expressive life!

That’s Duck Pond Office Hours.

Every month.

Free to all our members!

I’ve had more than 20 books published with HarperCollins, and Penguin/Random House. I’ve written picture books, full-length novels and everything in between. My books have been recognised in literary awards and kids’ choice awards. I’ve also worked in-house and freelance as a children’s book editor.

In the Duck Pond, I share my experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for children’s literature and it’s beautiful creators.

Join me and…

Unlock your imagination, your creativity and your potential

Learn from accomplished professionals

Thrive in a vibrant, established community

Connect with industry leaders

The Duck Pond is an extraordinary community; a constant source of friendship, fun, opportunities, education, support and priceless connections.






•Priceless connections

Anna Walker, author/illustrator, one of our extraordinary presenters!


Many a lost, confused or flagging kidlit creator has recovered their sense of adventure or found renewed energy simply by paddling in the Duck Pond.

Hundreds of Duckies have met in real life, too — at conferences, classes, book launches and tea parties.

In the history of the children’s book industry there’s never been a community quite like the Duck Pond.

Don’t waste YEARS making rookie mistakes

The Duck Pond is currently closed. Next intake soon! (2023)

Duck Pond Membership
(One year)
  • Includes GST
Duck Pond Membership
  • Includes GST

Are you an illustrator_

Have you seen our Hall of Fame? It features all recent publications by our members (authors, illustrators and poets). Click this link and take a look. You will LOVE!

Here's what you'll getF

*Monthly live coaching call in Zoom with Jen Storer

*Entry into Duck Pond Hall of Fame (for published authors and illustrators)


FREE masterclasses with highly esteemed, industry professionals.

Yep. You read that right.

FREE online masterclasses. Some aimed at authors, some aimed at illustrators.

•All classes are exclusive to the Duck Pond.

•All classes are conducted LIVE on Zoom and include Q&A sessions.

•All classes are recorded and available for six weeks post-presentation.

Each of our masterclasses is valued at $350+ — and we host twelve per year. That’s $4200 worth of masterclasses for the monthly fee of $33. That’s like WOW, right?

The Duck Pond is currently closed. Next intake soon! (2023)

Duck Pond Membership
(One year)
  • Includes GST
Duck Pond Membership
  • Includes GST
Just some of our recent masterclass presenters: Jackie French, Oliver Phommavanh, Karen Foxlee, Mitch Vane, Gus Gordon, Jane Godwin, Michael Pryor, Leigh Hobbs, Anna Walker, Deborah Abela

Check out this video for a sneak peek at some of our masterclasses

Regular interviews EXCLUSIVE to the Duck Pond.

Some guests are from our industry, others are from outside the world of kidlit.

This adds diversity and depth to life in the Duck Pond and inspires our members to always think broadly and push boundaries.

Video interviews with DUCKIES.

Remember, the Duck Pond is committed to YOUR growth — our approach is holistic. We want to know about you, your creative goals and what makes you tick.

FUN challenges such as:

*Selfie Saturday

*SHELFIE Saturday (you with your favourite books!)

*Marketing Monday: Spruce Your Stuff!

Else you'll get

• Be part of the most dynamic kidlit community in the universe (True!!!)

• Raise your professional profile

• Assure your visibility within the kidlit industry

• Stand in the path of opportunities

• Learn from your peers

• Ask questions and get informed answers rather than random guesses or rumours

• Share your wins, your challenges and your concerns

• Grow (personally and professionally)

• Keep up with industry trends

• Make new friends

• Showcase your creativity

• Meet mentors who will support you on this journey

• Promote your work, your launches, your side projects and your HEART projects

• Strengthen your understanding of our complex industry so you never feel overwhelmed

• Nourish your creativity

• Immerse yourself in your dreams and flourish!


Our masterclass in August 2022, was with the remarkable artist/author, Shaun Tan.

The Duck Pond is currently closed. Next intake soon! (2023)

Duck Pond Membership
(One year)
  • Includes GST
Duck Pond Membership
  • Includes GST


Life’s Sweet in the Duck Pond!

In the Duck Pond, you learn more in less time — without the stress of big payments. We hold space while you hone your skills, develop your knowledge (exponentially) and unleash your creativity. (1)

Duckie Collage

As a Duck Pond member you receive more than $4000 worth of masterclasses, free!

frequently asked questions (1)

Is this a Facebook group?

Yes, it is. But it’s PRIVATE and it’s CURATED. We work hard to keep it safe, upbeat and nourishing.

We also encourage our members to use social media mindfully. Some of members love the hubbub of the facebook group and find it a safe and nurturing haven. Others use it almost entirely as a resource, a place to visit once a month to catch a masterclass recording, to seek advice or to advertise their books, blogs, recent successes etc. Either approach is totally welcome! Our team is here to care for YOU. To ensure you get the best experience.

And, of course, Jen is in there most days Monday to Friday, posting, commenting, getting to know you and doing live chats.

(Please note, the masterclasses are all hosted in Zoom—but the recordings are posted in our FB group.)

Do I have to be in Facebook to be in the Duck Pond?

Yes. (Please see above)

I’m just starting out. Will I be ‘too green’ for the Duck Pond?

You’re kidding, right? Come on in! We’ll take your hand and guide you. Or, we’ll leave you to sit quietly and soak up the knowledge. It’s your call. We’re here for YOU.

Are there beginners in the Duck Pond?


I’m an experienced author/illustrator/creator. Should I join?

Of course! The Pond is full of kidlit fans. They’re busting to connect with people like you, busting to learn more and to support fellow creatives. No matter where you are on your journey, the Pond will help raise your profile and connect you with people who LOVE your work.

We’re all lifting up each other.

Are there professionals in the Duck Pond?


How long are the masterclasses?

They are each one hour long. They are also recorded and available to our members for six weeks after initial presentation.

How much do masterclasses normally cost?

Outside the Duck Pond, author/illustrator masterclasses of this calibre, are valued at anywhere between $350 – $550 (that’s *ASA rates plus booking fees). *Australian Society of Authors.

Duck Pond masterclass are FREE to all our members.

How much does it cost to join the Duck Pond?

Membership is One Year or Month-to-Month (pay as you go)

$396 AUD for a one year membership, includes GST


$36 AUD per month, includes GST

If I join and my circumstances change, can I leave the Duck Pond and come back later?

Yes, of course you can, no questions asked.

On the other hand, we are open to discussing your changes. We are happy to support our members through tricky times and challenges. You can even pause your membership rather than cancel.

We cannot allow people to join and leave multiple times however. This would be unfair on our community, our presenters and our team. (Btw, this has NEVER happened. People LOVE our community and once they join they generally stay put!)

Are there publishers and editors in the Duck Pond?

There certainly are. We respect their privacy but we also benefit from their knowledge and input. Plus, they get to see who’s doing what and who they might like to work with!

Can I promote my books, my blog, my podcast, my art and other shiny things, in the Duck Pond?

Of course you can. We’re super interested in what you’re doing and what you’re achieving. We only ask that you promote your work gently, without spamming other members. The more you give to this community the more you receive. It’s that simple.

We also feature (and celebrate!) the published work of all our members, in the Duck Pond Hall of Fame. Click here and take a look!

I’ve had some work published. Will my Duck Pond membership be a tax deduction?

You betcha! #notafinancialadvisor

It could also be a tax deDUCKtion. (Thanks for that, Geek Duck.)

You're welcome.

Where do I go with other questions?

Email girlandduck@gmail.com

We’re here to help you!

The Duck Pond is currently closed. Next intake soon! (2023)

Duck Pond Membership
(One year)
  • Includes GST
Duck Pond Membership
  • Includes GST

Click here to visit our Hall of Fame!

Every month I host a live call with our group to teach, mentor, answer questions, inspire and motivate you to create beautiful stories, beautiful art AND a beautiful life!.

That’s Duck Pond Office Hours.

Every month.

Free to all our members!

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