Scribbles Creative Writing Awards Winners! Plus, Behind the Scenes!

Hello dear Reader!

Yesterday (Tuesday Nov 5) was ANNOUNCEMENT DAY.

Yep, we announced the winners of the 2019 Scribbles Creative Writing Awards (or CWAs as we affectionately call them).

Now. Girl and Duck is a smooth machine. But we’re a small machine.

So, in order to pull off a competition of this magnitude (and trust me it was BIG this year with over 230 entries) we had to tap dance as fast as our little tippy tappy toes could tap…

In fact, Geek Duck, Dulcie and I were still tallying votes at 10.30 Monday night, double checking the numbers, composing emails and social media posts, poring over the Excel spreadsheets to ensure everything was BEYOND REPROACH.

Geek duck
We were knackered by the end of it all and, well, you might say why bother, Jen? Why put yourself and your tiny team under so much pressure?

I am such a pedant because I adore creatives!

It takes one to know one and I am on your side!

I know how vulnerable you are. I know your dreams. I know how it feels to put your pretty neck on the block. And I know how lonely and dispiriting it can be out there in ‘tick tock’.

Nothing makes me happier than providing opportunities for beautiful creative souls to grow, learn and flourish.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing YOU progress.

And this year I saw sooo much progress it made my hair curl.

Seriously. I had dead straight hair before I started Scribbles. Sort of like Cleopatra…

The awards were full of surprises, too.


Because the competition is judged blind, it floors me every single time the curtain drops, and I see who’s behind what piece. I’m like a proud stage mother. I just long to BRAG!

So. Without further ado, here’s the list.

Plus a tiny peek into the essence of each story. I can’t go too deep. We must protect the IP of our Scribblers. But I do think it’s exciting (and enlightening) to have a little extra insight.

Oh! And once again, MASSIVE thanks to our esteemed judges Judith Rossell, Lucinda Gifford, Gus Gordon and Michelle Madden (Penguin/RandomHouse).

And to HarperCollins Children’s Books for their generous sponsorship! (They’re sending book packs to the winners!)

We seriously could not have done this without you all. Thank you from the entire girl and duck community!

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Junior Fiction – JF 2019

Trolley Boy — Sheila Knaggs

A story set in a supermarket carpark. This funny, imaginative story has a wonderfully quirky twist. A total delight. Highly original.

Highly Commended
What Have You Done? — Diane Finlay

A funny, poignant story many (‘naughty’) kids would relate to. Plays deftly with perspective.

Crunch Time – Kylie Covark

Ludicrous (in a great way) and scary. Plays confidently with structure and interior monologue. Proving yet again that you can’t trust rabbits…

The Bird, the Bear and the Book – Paula Stevenson

A haunting yet gentle tale reminiscent of classic Children’s Literature. A pleasure to read.

Middle Grade – MG 2019

Sky Bricks – Mandy Langlois

A stunning period piece with a strong, accomplished voice and a powerful sense of place. Skilfully paced, with an extremely loveable protagonist.

Highly Commended
Outsiding Leigh Roswen

Strong writing and characterisations. A clever concept well executed. Terrific sci-fi with a powerful message.

Picture Books – PB 2019

Bound Together – Beth Dolan

Intense and highly moving. A picture book to change the way we think about war. Cleverly structured, too.

Highly Commended
A Stick and a Stone – Sarina Dickson

A highly visual celebration of nature and the outdoors, and a skilful use of limited text, tight rhyme and artful storytelling.

Picture Book Storyboard – SB 2019

Carrot Capers – Danielle McDonald

Very funny, very sweet story. Child focussed with images and spreads full of life and vigour. A terrific vision.

Highly Commended
Mila’s Ocean – Laura Hockley

A delicate, sensitive vision. Moving, uplifting story about surviving childhood trauma.

Poetry (for children) – PY 2019

Hush – Tracey Barnes

A ‘lullaby’ no mother could read without tearing up! A beautiful gift for babies — the gift of poetry and of sleep.

Highly Commended
Moon Rise, Sun Set – Claire Thomas

Mesmerising rhythm. A celebration of nature, the seasons and the land. Gently explores fear, pain, joy and perseverance.


And now it’s time to breathe again!

Until next year… 

Thanks again to everyone who joined in the fun! 

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PPS You made it to the end. YOU ARE ACE!!!

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