A Simple Prayer

My friend is a Green Witch.

She believes, as do I, that Mother Earth is a sentient being. In other words, our planet is a sentient being and while her consciousness differs from ours, she is nonetheless conscious.

We do not live on Earth. We are of her. We are an extension of her.

Part of my morning prayer restates this on a daily basis:

Earth my body/ Water my blood/ Air my breath/ Fire my spirit…

The words centre me. They remind me of my place in the ecosystem, that life is a privilege and the divine flows through us all.


Today, fires in New South Wales are tipped to reach catastrophic levels.

Catastrophic: involving or causing sudden great damage or suffering.

When our planet hurts, we hurt.

Because we are one.

We are all scrambling for something to believe in. Why not believe in the divinity of Mother Earth?

How different would our lives be if we worked in unison with her, protected her, made her our highest priority?

This might not be an original idea, but it seems foolish to carry on ignoring its wisdom. To deny its deep truth.



Today, where I live, the wind is strong and fickle. Temperatures have plummeted. And while the wind poses a real threat, I am grateful for every ‘freaky’ cold day.

It’s like a golden ticket.

Like dodging a bullet.

But summer will be here soon. And with her, the threat of drought, fire.


We are in this together.

Because are one.

If you’re in harm’s way, so am I.

Because we are one.

Stay safe, dear reader, stay safe.

With much love

Jen xo















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