Cottage news! The continuing saga of Elsie’s makeover…

Elsie, our dear little cottage, is inching closer to winning her beauty sash.

But not without a few tears.

Mainly mine.


The question remains, will Elsie greet Christmas with a New Look or will we just have to embrace her, shabby chic, and all?

Pictorial progress report:



Yeah, she had a window extraction. OUCH! Luckily, we salvaged an exact replacement. 

I had no idea how much sash windows weigh! It took four big burly blokes, a special trolley and me with my hands over my eyes to install the replacement.

Still looks a bit shit, right?
Admiralty Grey, thank you very much for asking. Haymes.

Meanwhile, around the back, colour is creeping on!


Just because. Pretty!
And the roses were glorious, this year. Cold winter equals good roses. Apparently.
Colour making its way around the chimney and towards the front verandah. Trim colours, Aura and Spatial. Haymes.
Looking better every day. Lots of new weatherboards have helped.



Inside, well, I’m nuts about the set of Nanny McPhee (the second film). Soooo, I’m using that as my inspiration.

Lots of colour, kitsch, thrifted china and op shop accessories.

I picked up this lamp for fifty bucks. Fifty!!! My beautiful friend made me the quilt as a housewarming gift.  I can’t tell you how much I love it. It’s made from Japanese fabrics.

I’ll show you more inside pics once we finish paintin’ and decoratin’.

And, finally, today…

A Christmas door!

I think we’re going to make it!!! xo

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8 Replies to “Cottage news! The continuing saga of Elsie’s makeover…”

  1. Oh Jen I have tears in my eyes. Tears of joy and happiness. Your house is a home full of love. It is an absolute credit to both you and David. All my love Veronica

  2. Looking gorgeous, Jen! Meanwhile I am only a week away from a WHOLE YEAR since my move. Where has the time gone!?
    All the best for Chrissie …

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