The winning stories in our Scribbles Creative Writing Awards. A rundown on each!

What a finale!

The judging in the Scribbles Creative Writing Awards is over and our beautiful certificates are winging their way to our winners and highly commended.

Other prizes are also being dished out!


We don’t just give you a certificate and send you on your way!

That is so NOT the Scribbly way!

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Meantime, the question remains…

A bit gorgeous, yes?

What were the winning stories about?

Everyone is intrigued.

Everyone is wondering.


Here’s a quick overview.

I’ve also included a sprinkling of judges’ comments. (The complete set of judges’ comments will be sent to all contestants today, including those on the shortlist.)

The Scribbles CWA Judges


Picture Book 

Sand Dunes, Claire Thomas

A rhyming picture book for older readers, highlighting the delicate (and fascinating) ecosystem that exists  among sand dunes.

From the judges: accomplished rhyme… moody and light at the same time—perfect!

Junior Fiction

Sophie’s Egg, Anna Quinlan

Sophie has a dragon’s egg. But you won’t believe what happens when it hatches! A delightful spin on an old and much-loved trope.

From the judges: original and funny… a terrific reveal at the end

Middle Grade fiction

Muluwa, Sally Crane

Historical fiction reminiscent of Jackie French and Ruth Park. The story of an indigenous girl’s escape from Van Diemen’s Land.

From the judges: beautifully depicted… moving and revealing…the mystical element was deeply satisfying


Scrambled Eggs, Anna McGregor

It’s a busy night in the labour ward and this giraffe midwife has her work cut out for her!

From the judges: Text and images are perfectly balanced… entertaining and funny, kids would love this!

Highly Commended

Picture Book

The Wall of Broken Things, Rebecca Landy

Miscarriage and its profound repercussions as experienced through the eyes of child.

From the judges: clever, gentle and well-crafted… allows room for sensitive illustrations

Junior Fiction

Elkie and the Pixies: The Piñata Disaster, Liz Ledden

Elkie has a problem. A pixie problem! How will she keep them under control at her friend’s birthday party?

From the judges: hilarious concept that kids would love… keeps the reader guessing right to the end

Middle Grade Fiction

Cloud Watchers, Carly Mitchell

An exploration of grief as a child watches her beloved grandparent fade away.

From the judges: a beautiful story… a strong message of hope and comfort

The Dark, Leigh Roswen

An gutsy adventure story about a child trapped underground.

From the judges: a gripping read… a strong, convincing voice


Ava’s Aviary, Danielle McDonald

Ava is desperate for her own bird but the answer is always the same. No! Will Ava find a way around this?

From the judges: adventurous and dynamic… images and text work together beautifully

As you can see, the topics were as varied and surprising as our Scribblers themselves!

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Jen xo



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