House Huntin’, Book Writin’, and the Inaugural Scribbles Live Round

The other day my friend, Tania McCartney, told me about Bullet Journalling. Sounds like fun! I’ll follow it up.

It made me think of Bullet Blogging. Could I try that??? Is that even a thing?

It is now.

Here goes:

  • The hunt for a country house continues. We’ve seen millions (well, that’s how it feels). But we’re in love with one in particular—like, so in love Himself started shouting the second we walked through the door:


‘Himself,’ I hissed, ‘where’s your pokerface? This is real estate!”

We might make an offer this weekend.

Here’s some pics. If we buy it, I’ll give you more pics. Endless pics. I’ll give you so many pics you’ll be yawning and glancing about for exit.  I’ll even give you pics of the cellar. I was too scared to go down there. Himself, on the other hand,  leapt through the trapdoor.

Gates! Every Duckie in the Facebook group agrees, we HEART gates! 
IMG_4327 2
I’m hoping the chair’s included in the sale.

Meanwhile, back in the city:

  • Today I had an early morning phone catch-up with my publisher re Danny Best, book 4. It’s the final book in the series. The manuscript is due end of this month. (Gulp.)
Book 3, Danny Best: Me First!, came out in audio this week! Read by Alan King.

• Then I had morning tea with fellow Duckie, Scribbler and writer/ illustrator, Lucinda Gifford. I baked a tea cake. It was gooey in the centre. That didn’t stop us.

This is not today’s cake. This is one I baked for our adult kids at the weekend. Same cake. Different day.

Lucinda and I talked about new projects, old projects and horses that do ballet. Lucinda played our piano. I was in awe.

We bemoaned our dodgy haircuts.

Then Lucinda went home.

  • Then I received the copy edit for book 7 of Truly Tan. It requires a bit of tinkering. But it’s in good shape. Some loose ends to tie up and a few logistical hiccups re the ghost… I’ll start writing book 8 soon. It’s the last book in the series. Do you notice a pattern here? Yerp, 2018 is the end of an era. The end of Danny Best and the end of Truly Tan.
  • Then I had afternoon tea with another Duckie, Janet Stutley. Janet was in town for the First Tuesday Children’s Book Club. It’s held at the Abbotsford Convent once a month. Janet gave me two gorgeous books to read. Exhibit A:

IMG_4397 4

I loved Pullman’s, Northern Lights trilogy. Although, I thought the third book was fairly silly. Everyone says  The Book of Dust is awesome. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve not read Tuck Everlasting. Don’t you be rollin’ your eyes at me!

  • In between, I had several phone chats with our Girl & Duck graphic designer, Zoe Collins. The fourth and final Scribbles Cracker is going out to my mailing list tonight.  We just needed to tweak it and whatnot. CLICK HERE to join my mailing list.

It’s been a super fun campaign! I wrote the Crackers to give people a tiny taste of what’s inside the Scribbles online course.


**Scribbles cracker front page

The Crackers also mark the beginning of the first ever Scribbles Live Round.

The Live Round is an annual, one-off event. It’s the normal Scribbles course with an added bonus:  Six weeks of live coaching calls (in the private Scribbles Facebook group) from yours truly, starting Monday, February 19, 2018 at 7.30pm.

The Live Round won’t be on offer again until 2019. 2019, I hear you cry! Give me a break, Jen!

But you know, I’ve got books to write and boxes to pack. I can’t hang around all day…


If you’d like to join Scribbles now, while I’m in there LIVE for six whole weeks, CLICK HERE. I’d  love to have you along! Remember, this offer closes on Friday February 9, 2018, at 10pm AESDT.

The Scribs are funny, professional, focussed and lively. I heart them all and you will too!

Okay. So that’s my Bullet Blog.

I don’ t think it worked. It’s not very bullety, is it?

Never mind. Writers like to write, yeah?


Much love

Jen xo




2 Replies to “House Huntin’, Book Writin’, and the Inaugural Scribbles Live Round”

  1. The bullet type blog post totally sort of worked, Jen. I love the look of the house. It looks fabulous. It’s so hard to contain yourself when you find, The One!’ I’m sure you’ll need no encouragement to keep us posted about the house. Wow! What a year ahead you’ll have. And I’m looking forward to the Scribbles Live Round.

  2. Talk is that millennials can only read dot points (or listicles) so you’re on track, Jen. That woollen patchwork throw is exactly like one I inherited from my mad-keen-knitter grandmother. Hope this is the weekend you and Geek Duck sign the contract!

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