Geek Duck’s Top Ten Tips for Partners of KidLit Creators

I rarely if ever have guest bloggers. Why? Because I can’t be stuffed. It all sounds like way too much verk. And you know how I like to keep verk to a minimum.

Do the verk duck_NONAME
Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

But last week Geek Duck came to me and said, ‘I want to write a blog post, do you mind?’

‘Go right ahead,’ I said, rolling my eyes. I was sure he’d write about techie, computery, server room stuff. Yawn.

But I was wrong. Here is his dear, sweet post, just as he wrote it.

Geek Duck’s Top Ten Tips for Partners of KidLit Creators

by Geek Duck

  1. Learn how to make a good cup of tea or coffee or mojito.
  2. Let sleeping creatives lie – they’re working (verking) in their sleep.
  3. Learn how to cook well. Be fancy or plain. Whatever.
  4. Create time. Distract. Enrich. Entertain.
  5. Listen.
  6. Read/Look at everything they create.
  7. Screen all reviews. The Good, the Bad & the Ugly.
  8. Be honest. No BS. Have an opinion.
  9. Source quality chocolate.
  10. Love them. xxx

Bonus tip: Sort their IT problems quickly.


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10 Replies to “Geek Duck’s Top Ten Tips for Partners of KidLit Creators”

  1. Knew he was sweet; cooking for the creative is number one but tech advice is a close second. What a lucky duck you are Jen but it works both ways! Are you looking for a country retreat around Castlemaine??I just found that Cate Kennedy is there..great poet and author. Sounds like a creative hub. She wrote a short story titled Flexion and as my husband, who does not cook much and has no IT skills, was out in the tractor moving dead cows ( coz I nagged) all I could think of was her story titled Flexion.Chase it up. And stay away from livestock and large machinery.Sorry about the long reply but loved the post Geek.And the bullet points.

    1. Thanks, Paula! He wrote it first via text message. lol.
      Yes, Castlemaine is such a hub. A wonderful part of the country. We have a wide net so we’re looking all around Central Victoria. Will look out for Cate Kennedy’s story. She’s a very accomplished writer. Although, I thought she was in Tassie. #alwayslearning. See you online tomorrow night! xo

  2. I love it. I’m going to print it out to give to my partner. (How many cook books can you give a man before they get the message that you’d love them to cook occasionally?)

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