News from the house hunt, and ‘where to from here?’ for this blog

You know how I used to have a blog called Baxter Street? Well I did. It was more personal that this blog.

2015-04-25 17.05.58
Even new bags got a mention on Baxter Street.

For 2018 I’ve decided to combine the best of Baxter Street with the best of Girl & Duck.

Which means sometimes I’ll bang on about personal stuff that might not interest you.

Other times, I’ll be super helpful and give you THE BEST creative writing and publishing tips IN THE UNIVERSE.

True. BAM!


Okay. In the spirit of Baxter Street, first thing I want to say:

This year I’ve made a simple but weirdly challenging promise to myself. Not a resolution. Just a promise.

This year I promise to tell people I love them.

Yep. If I love you, I’ll tell you. To your face.

Sheesh. Talk about confronting.

But there you have it. Life’s too short not say, ‘Geez, man, I really love you, you know?’

So bring on the lovefest, 2018!

In other news…

We went looking at country houses again last weekend.

We found one.

OMG, I was literally clawing at the car door as we pulled up. Let me at it!

Here’s a pic. Casa Obscura.

IMG_4159 2


IMG_4161 2

Here’s another pic. I put this one in The Duck Pond (my private Facebook group). The duckies LOVED it. Seems I’m not the only one who loves hidden houses! And I’m not the only sucker for a picket fence.

I LOVE gates too. I’ll try and get a gate for you next weekend.

Yerp. We’re going back.

We have to do sensible things (eye roll) before we make an offer. We’ve gotta turn on the taps, poke a stick up the chimney,  ensure there’s a broom cupboard, before we sign on the dotty line………………………………………………………………

Himself says, ‘It’s got a pool!’

What else?

Danny Best book 3 comes out next week. I haven’t seen it! Nuthin! Zippo! We usually get a few advance copies before a book hits the shops. But not this time. Maybe it’s because of Christmas. Or maybe it’s because they’ve closed Lygon Street while they work on the tram tracks…

Chaos in the old town lately.

Either why, I’m busting to see my neeeeew boooooook! (Said with Oprah voice.)

Here’s the full cover. Mitch and I always have a ball with these books. We think we are soooo funny. It keeps us occupied…


Me and Mitch as we appear in the Danny Best books…
2015-10-27 13.13.43
Us before we went on telly a while back. I’m pretty sure the receptionist thought we were total nongs.

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I’m done.

That’s it from the Duckie Palace.

Have a smashing week!

Jen xo

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