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I’ve had more than 20 books published with HarperCollins, and Penguin/Random House. I’ve written picture books, full-length novels and everything in between. My books have been recognised in literary awards and kids’ choice awards. I’ve also worked in-house and freelance as a children’s book editor.

In the Duck Pond, I share my experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for children’s literature and it’s beautiful creators.

Join me and…

• Connect with industry leaders

• Learn from accomplished professionals

• Thrive in a vibrant community

$20 per month AUD (plus GST)

or $200 pa AUD (plus GST)

No joining fees. 

What’s on in The Duck Pond this month? Scroll down. Have a peek!

The Duck Pond is an extraordinary community. It’s a constant source of friendship, fun, opportunities, education, support and priceless connections.






•Priceless connections


Many a lost, confused or flagging kidlit creator has recovered their sense of adventure or found renewed energy simply by paddling in the Duck Pond.

Hundreds of Duckies have met in real life, too — at conferences, classes, book launches and tea parties.

In the history of the children’s book industry there’s never been a community quite like the Duck Pond.

Whether you’re an Original Duckie or a bright-eyed newbie, there’s a buoyant, inclusive energy in the Duck Pond that never fails to enrich lives and fuel creativity.

Don’t waste YEARS making rookie mistakes

$20 per month AUD (plus GST)

or $200 pa AUD (plus GST)

No joining fees. 

Add love the duck pond and I've been in it for years and you should join too. and you will love it.

Join the Duck Pond, it’s coffee and cake that’s good for you!

$20 per month AUD (plus GST)

or $200 pa AUD (plus GST)

No joining fees. 

Are you an illustrator_


Here's what you'll getF

Regular FREE masterclasses with industry professionals.

Yep. You read that right.

FREE online masterclasses. Some aimed at authors, some aimed at illustrators.

All classes are exclusive to the Duck Pond.

We have a host of esteemed professionals lined up for 2020-2021 and we cannot wait to share their classes with you. (See below for more on this.)

Regular video interviews EXCLUSIVE to the Duck Pond.

Some guests are from our industry, others are from outside the world of kidlit.

This adds diversity and depth to life in the Pond and inspires our members to always think broadly and push boundaries.

There are mentors and guides EVERYWHERE but sometimes you don’t know where to look. Here at the Duck Pond, we find them for you.

Regular video interviews with DUCKIES. One might be YOU!

Remember, the Duck Pond is committed to YOUR growth — we want to know about you, what makes you tick.

FUN challenges such as:

*Selfie Saturday

*SHELFIE Saturday (you with your book!)

*Marketing Monday

*Quick, weekly writing challenges

*Quick, weekly illustration challenges

These challenges foster self-confidence, provide promo opportunities, enrich creativity and strengthen community ties.

Else you'll get

• Be part of the most dynamic kidlit community in the universe (True!!!)

• Raise your professional profile

• Assure your visibility within the kidlit industry

• Stand in the path of opportunities

• Learn from your peers

• Ask questions and get informed answers rather than random guesses or rumours

• Share your wins, your challenges and your concerns

• Grow (personally and professionally)

• Keep up with industry trends

• Make new friends

• Showcase your creativity

• Meet mentors who will support you on this journey

• Promote your work, your launches, your side projects and your HEART projects

• Strengthen your understanding of our complex industry so you never feel overwhelmed again

• Nourish your creativity

• Immerse yourself in your dreams and flourish!


What’s on in the Duck Pond this month?

October’s FREE masterclass is with renowned children’s author,  Zanni Louise!

LIVE SESSION: Monday October 12, 2020, 10.30am AEDT (Put it in your diary. Now!)

Can’t make it to the live session? No problem. The recording will be available to Duck Pond members for the entire month of October. #noduckieleftbehind

Let’s get started

$20 per month AUD (plus GST)

or $200 pa AUD (plus GST)

No joining fees. 


Life’s Sweet in the Duck Pond!

In the Duck Pond, you learn more in less time — without the stress of big payments. We hold space while you hone your skills, develop your knowledge (exponentially) and unleash your creativity. (1)
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Join the Duck Pond 

$20 per month AUD (plus GST)

or $200 pa AUD (plus GST)

No joining fees. 


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frequently asked questions (1)

Is this a Facebook group?

Yes, it is. But it’s PRIVATE and it’s CURATED. We work hard to keep it safe, upbeat and nourishing.

We have specially appointed admin to look after you.

Dulcie and Geek Duck are always on board to help with techie tangles and other hiccups.

Amanda , our Community Host, oversees everything else  (including the fun and games), ensuring all duckies are kept informed and engaged.

All our admin are here to care for YOU; to ensure you get the best experience.

And of course Jen pops in regularly to say hi and see what you’re up to.

I’m just starting out. Will I be ‘too green’ for the Duck Pond?

You’re kidding, right? Come on in! We’ll take your hand and guide you. Or, we’ll leave you to sit quietly and soak up the knowledge. It’s your call. We’re here for YOU.

Are there beginners in the Duck Pond?


I’m an experienced author/illustrator/creator. Should I join?

Of course! The Pond is full of kidlit fans. They’re busting to connect with people like you, busting to learn more and to support fellow creatives. No matter where you are on your journey, the Pond will help raise your profile and connect you with people who LOVE your work.

We’re all lifting up each other.

Are there professionals in the Duck Pond?


How long are the masterclasses?

They are each one hour long. They are also recorded and available FREE to our members for one month after initial presentation.

Are there publishers and editors in the Duck Pond?

There certainly are. We respect their privacy but we also benefit from their knowledge and input. Plus, they get to see who’s doing what and who they might like to work with!

What’s the difference between the Duck Pond and the Scribbles Academy?

The Duck Pond is a lighthearted,  community-minded  FB group where you can explore the art  of kidlit creation without any pressure or deadlines. In the Duck Pond, you network with other creatives, raise your profile and explore.

The Scribbles Academy on the other hand, is a unique eCourse. It’s a deep dive into mastering the art of kidlit creation. It has core modules and offers more intense, transformational learning ; it’s a much deeper commitment— with monthly live coaching calls, annual creative writing awards, unique bonuses and closer monitoring from Jen.

Both the Duck Pond and the Scribbles Academy are seperate offerings, but they definitely compliment each other. It all depends on how much you want to learn. How much you want to immerse yourself in this extraordinary journey.

The Duck Pond is an invigorating,  generous entry-point offering to the world of girl&duck. We’re incredibly proud of it. There’s nothing like it anywhere.

Can I promote my books, my blog, my podcast, my art and other shiny things, in the Duck Pond?

Of course you can. We’re super interested in what you’re doing and what you’re achieving. We only ask that you promote your work gently, without spamming other members. The more you give to this community the more you receive. It’s that simple

I’ve had some work published. Will my Duck Pond membership be a tax deduction?

You betcha! #notafinancialadvisor

It should also be a tax deDUCKtion. (Thanks for that, Geek Duck.)

You're welcome.

Where do I go with other questions?

Email We’re here to help you!

$20 per month AUD (plus GST)

or $200 pa AUD (plus GST)

No joining fees. 

Join us and receive your beautiful welcome gift

An online tutorial with Jen Storer.  Two Things Publishers Find Most Problematic about Rhyming Picture Books. Plus, Nine Steps to Becoming a Real Writer.

Your welcome gift includes a video tutorial and downloadable  notes. (Your writing resource library is growing already, duckie!)

In this conversation, we talk about Katie’s journey to becoming a prolific, adventurous illustrator. We talk about the business of illustrating too, about the vital role mindset plays in your success. We also chat about creating multiple income streams, working that SEO machine, adapting and evolving in a changing world. This is a fascinating chat with tips, insights and encouragement for all creative souls.

Coming Soon! A Duck Pond Exclusive

In there!


We’re so looking forward to welcoming you in! You will LOVE the Duck Pond.

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