How to Connect Deeply with Your Readers

When you run an online biz you have to get comfy with REJECTION.

You say, I’ve created this amazing, creative writing community.

People say, Maybe later.

You say, I wrote this really cool book.

People say, Whatevs.

You say, I recorded a podcast.

People say, I’d rather listen to Frank Sinatra.

You say, I bought a new teapot.

People say, Oo, pretty!

What Has This Got to Do With Creative Writing?

Jen! I’m writing books and stories. I’d rather sell boot-polish from a wooden cart than run an online biz.

But here’s the thing.

When you run an online biz you MUST inspire people to OPEN YOUR EMAILS. (Otherwise you don’t got a relationship.)

When you write books and stories, poems and plays, you must inspire people to OPEN YOUR WORK. (Otherwise you don’t got a a reader.)

And if you haven’t got a reader, you haven’t got a story.

Let me repeat that in a pretty graphic with an impressive credit.

Yeah! Right! Totally!

The unread story is not a story, just as the unread email is not an email — it’s just, I dunno. Cyberjunk?

It’s the LITTLE THINGS that make your work (whether it’s for kids or adults) stand out from the crowd. That make it relatable, personal, interesting, nuanced, impossible to ignore.

It’s the little things that make your work—


As writers we should be always striving to make our work immersive.

How to Make your Stories Immersive

Firstly, don’t forget to do it!


DO THIS: Write ‘immersive’ on a sticky note and tape it to your typewritin’ machine. That way, whenever your sit down to write, you’ll be reminded to go deeper.

Why Are My Museletters So Popular? What Makes Them Immersive?

Not wishing to braaaag, but I have what they call in online parlance an ‘impressive open rate’.

That means most people on my mailing list open my emails.

Many people say they look forward to my museletters. (I know bc they write and tell me!)

Why do they enjoy them so much???

Because I take the time to be personal.

To share from my heart and authentically.

To gather together the little things in my life, so that my museletters are REAL.

They are not just brochures. Sales mails. DO THIS AND YOU WILL BE AMAZING lists.

My museletters are:




Decorating debacles

They tell a story. The story of my life. They are immersive.

The Little Things are the Big Things

When it comes to creative writing, when it comes to creating a world your reader will not only want to explore but possibly want to live in, the little things are the BIG things.

When creating your story world, give your reader the macro. But give them the micro too.

Go deeper. Get down to tin tacks. You only have to do it now and then — let’s face it, we’re not all Jane Austen. But every now and then we must get a little PERNICKETY (wouldn’t she love that word?).

We must home in on the little things because that’s what makes our stories REAL.

And stories (or emails or letters or birthday cards) that feel real, captivate and keep readers.

Throw yourself into making things real, okay? It’s guaranteed to bring your stories to life.

Until next time, dear reader,

I remain

Yours in a teapot.

Jen xo

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