Lockdown Letterbox Reveal!

It’s done, dear reader.

The 2021 Lockdown Letterbox is finished!

How long it will last in the rain, sun, frost and wind is anyone’s guess.

I used whatever paint I had lying around, some of it was house paint, some was from my art supplies. All of it was acrylic, so you know, first downpour, the owl and the pussycat might slide off into the gutter…

Before. ‘The Saddest Letterbox in Christendom’. Wanna know more? Original blog post HERE.

I heard somewhere that hairspray is a fixative.


This letterbox has been sprayed with more Schwarzkopf that a 1970s bridesmaid.

Harry was a very poor model. But the Witchy Cottage was a wonderful studio, the perfect place to dream up all these little characters. I hope that kids going by will get a kick out of seeing this letterbox.

In other news, we’ve been gardening (Himself), moving furniture around (me) and generally tooling around all day.

Now we’re stuffed.

And it looks like rain is a comin’…

Fish n chips for dinner. And Harry Potter on the telly. (We’re going through the movies again. Up to number 4.)

Happy Saturday night, dear reader!

Stay cozy.

Stay safe.

Keep creating.

Massive illegal hugs!

Jen xo

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8 Replies to “Lockdown Letterbox Reveal!”

  1. Letterbox Lookin’ Goooood. I have cat envy. I just went through the entire Harry Potter book series again to get myself through the end of my long illustration project. It’s so familiar and comforting.

      1. I do that too. 🙂 Scott and I argue about our memories of who was reading aloud the last chapter of Lord of the Rings whilst sobbing in our kitchen 20 years ago. I maintain it was I. (I distinctly remember thinking ‘why am I crying? I’ve read this three times before…’) He hadn’t read it.

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