Let’s have a chinwag, darling!

Hello dear reader!

I’m sitting here on the couch, thinking about random stuff and I felt like writing to you.

But then I thought, I’m not allowed to write a blog post at night because I don’t verk after 5pm because that is a rule.

That I made up.

Yes, Ma’am!

It is STUPID rule.

And you know what else?

Writing to you isn’t even VERK!

And how long is it since we’ve chatted, you know, Baxter Street style?

I’m gonna call it Baxter Street style because back when I had that blog there was more ramblin’ and less teachin’ n preachin’.

Not that I don’t love T n P. But sometimes it’s nice to just ramble, right?

When did I get so serious that I stopped rambling?


I’m on the couch. Himself is watching camping videos on Youtube. I’m listening to podcasts. Every now and then the cat is biting my foot. And kicking me with his Kimba the White Lion back legs.

You know how the little feckers do that??


Tomorrow is Friday and there are things to do.

Here in RRRRegional Victoria (you must roll the r on rrrrregional) we have been released from lockdown so Holy Mother we are out of here at sparrow’s fart.

Himself has Mondays and Fridays off. He works on girlandduck on those days, doing techie stuff and backing up Dulcie with customer care and customer service and admin etc.

But tomorrow we will cram all our duckie work in before 10am then hotfoot it out of here.

We’re going to the organic grocers.

We’re going to Cream Town for chai tea and cake.

Cream Town. Koalas and mushrooms. Nice.

I’m going to Tribe (my favourite shop in Castlemaine) to buy a gift for my biz coach who lives in Ireland.

I might even pop in and get a frame for this too:

Fully qualified, dear reader.



This is something that happened last week and I’m as proud as a pineapple.

Meanwhile, look as this pic that Himself took. The cockatoos in our backyard are total YOBBOS! Is ‘yobbo’ politically incorrect? Oh, I hope not. Cockatoos are definitely politically incorrect but gawd knows we LOVE them. They are so clever and FUNNY. And, yeah, they wreck lots of shit but, hey, it’s their planet too.

I also have a wardrobe to pick up.

Country towns, dear reader! Just open your mouth, say you need something and the good peoples will give it to you!

Last time I was working in the library (before this current lockdown), I was telling a lady how much I DESPISED the Ikea wardrobe in our bedroom. Honestly, the bloody thing is a daily insult to my delicate Taurean sensibilities. So, after library duty, I was planning a long-awaited ‘antique hunting trip’.

But lo!

My companion saved me the trouble.

Not only did she have one wardrobe, she had TWO. To give away!

One is big and fabulous and sort of Narnian. Ikea abomination, good riddance!

The other, OMG, dear reader. The other is a child’s wardrobe. Victorian. With a darling little shelf for pretties and posies, and a little hidey-hole cupboard for secrets and treasures. It is the sweetest little thing. I shall put it in our loungeroom for spare blankets and cardis…

So tomorrow those wardrobes need to be picked up.

I will photograph them once they are in situ, dear reader, and include in next letter.

I am also experimenting with wallpaper.

I am OBSESSED with wallpaper. I love it so very much. My inspiration for decorating Elsie (our house) comes directly from Nannie McPhee and the Big Bang. I’ve watched that film countless times just so I can look at the decor in the farmhouse. It makes me swoon!

The Nanny McPhee loungeroom. I’m collecting china plates as we speak.

After much online research and scouring, I have found the wallpaper I want. I printed it out and have stuck the A4 sheets on the walls at various intervals, just so I can live with it for a while.

Himself suggested I simply print out more and use that instead of buying the real stuff.

He is so helpful.

Here’s a picture of my self-printed sample:

I let you know when the project kicks off. I’ll take better photos too. Maybe even in SUNLIGHT…

Lastly, I am currently doing 100 days of meditation.

To be honest it’s not a challenge or a chore. It’s like writing letters to you, my friend. It makes me happy and helps me feel connected, inspired and grateful for this exquisite, topsy turvy, kooky as fuck, world.

My 100 days diary. Keeping track, yes indeedy!

Good night, dear reader. Thank you for this glorious chinwag.

May your rest be sound and your dreams full of magic.

Jen xo

The Duck Pond is open, August 22 – 30, 2021.

9 Replies to “Let’s have a chinwag, darling!”

  1. Greetings Jen!
    What a wonderful chinwag!
    Joyous to find your post in my inbox this morning
    Happy end of lockdown shopping!!!

    Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure

    Love and Light


  2. LOVE that wallpaper Jen!!! And those cockys are hilarious. My Granny had a pet cocky who used to steal her glasses when she cleaned his cage and would also perfectly imitate her smoker’s cough!

  3. Jen, your chinwags are always uplifting and always enlightening. I have just read a book by shepherdess Amanda Owen and her husband Clive who live in old Ravenseat Farm in Yorkshire. She has adventures with animals and antique furnishings and suchlike – but no crazy cockatoos! 🙂 Gretchen.

  4. Love Love Love your narrative, new/old acquired items, wallpaper sample and as I’m rural I’m not in lockdown either yay!

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