The delicious mystery of creativity

If we could ‘nail’ creativity, if we could define it, quantify it, replicate it with unwavering confidence, we would not be so preoccupied with it. So enchanted by it.

If we really understood creativity, it would be just another To Do box, ticked, filed and dismissed as ‘mastered’.

But creativity doesn’t work that way.

It’s mysterious.



You can’t teach creativity.

But you can nurture it.

Embrace it.

Develop it.

Befriend it.

Even if you feel your own creativity has been lying dormant for years, it hasn’t. Not really. It’s still alive and full of vigor.

Creativity doesn’t fade. It simply waits. Patiently. For you to call it in.

Even the most tentative summons energizes creativity.

And then the fun begins!

There is NEVER a wrong time to embrace your creativity. It is your most forgiving, patient and enthusiastic ally.

Allow your creativity shine and your life will shine too. How can it not, with such a bright light at its centre?

One of my greatest joys has been to work (and play) full time in the field of creativity—as a writer, teacher, mixed media artist, mentor and official Champion of Creativity.

As the years pass, my commitment to helping others unleash and embrace their creativity grows stronger and more purposeful.

Thank you for sticking with this blog while I’ve had my eye on other adventures. In the meantime, I hope you’ve been creating your own colourful world of self-expression, exuberance and self-discovery.

What an extraordinary gift we all have inside!

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