I’m Boring and I Like It!

Have you seen The Shining?

Holy hotel in the snow. It’s feckin’ scary, right?

When Shelley Duvall discovers what her husband has really been writing, over and over and over for the past however long, what he’s really been bashing out on that typewriter for WEEKS, we (the audience) know without a doubt that the proverbial is about to hit the fan. Big time.

All work no play makes Jack a dull boy.


I’m scared just thinking of it.

But you see, I’ve often felt like that during my writing career.

Not scared.


Like I’m DULL. Boring. A fun free zone.

But the world forgets. We creatives MUST lock ourselves away for extended periods of time.

Plus, we’re comfortable with solitude. It’s our second skin.

If we want to get anything of value done, we can’t give in to the fear that we’re boring. We can’t be worried what others might think. So what if they think we’re fusty old curmudgeons who have no life?

We’ve got stuff TO DO!

Morris Gleitzman once said that the writer is the one hanging limply from the bungie rope thinking, are we having fun yet?

I get that.

You probably do too.

For writers and artists and other creative types, our work is our play. Our work is where we want to be. Never mind shopping trips, coffee clubs, and god-awful picnics in the park (ahem).

We want to be at home. On our own. Doing our thing.

Home Alone. That’s our happy place.

As with writing books, since running girl&duck I’ve often experienced that same needling suspicion that everyone thinks I’m boring. I carry the quiet shame that comes with saying no to invitations. Repeatedly.

I’ve had a big dose of it lately.

In fact, my shame has been such that I wasn’t sure I should write to you.

Can’t write. I’m too dull. Too boring. Nothing worth saying.

I’ve been swatting away friends, scuttling into the shadows if a neighbour heads my way.

Basically, I’ve been living like a hermit for weeks.

Running an online biz like girl&duck, demands creativity, attention to detail, ongoing learning, and many hours of blissful productivity.


Why have I been extra boring lately?

Because I’m creating that long-awaited Picture Book course. You know, the one I promised years ago…

What’s involved?

Well, I gotta write the course material (and test it to see I’m happy with how it hangs together).

I gotta design and create the presentation slides.

I gotta design and create the PDF downloads.

I gotta put on lippy, get in front of the camera and do me some teachin’.

Edit the videos.

Adjust soundtracks.

Add branding.

And music.

And hyperlinks.


Then there’s the social media ads (Facebook, Twitter, Insta) and the sales emails (there are generally about six that have to be written, designed and scheduled).

Why so many emails? Well, people don’t read/open/receive all their emails. So, when you consider there are thousands of beautiful souls on my mailing list, I have to write plenty of letters in the hope that one lands—and no one misses out.

The website page. Gotta write that. Make it pretty. Ensure it’s linked to the shop and free of techy gremlins.

Creating an online course is utterly and completely all-consuming, it takes WEEKS to complete.

I have to be firm. I cannot come out to play. Not if I want this course to emerge before the next ice age.

In the meantime my excellent friend, I shall leave you with the reassurance that I am ALMOST finished. It won’t be long before I can grab my hat and hankie and once again join you in the big, wide world.

Yours affectionately

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