Why I Monetised my Facebook Group

So, I’ve been around the sun more than a few times and during those years I’ve learned many life lessons.

Some have been tough, some have been welcome, some have been, well, erm, okay, I’ll admit I took longer than ‘normal’ to integrate some lessons (I’m looking at you, Divorce).

And while life is not a tally sheet, and it’s certainly is not a bucket list, I have to say that running an online business is up there as one of the most profound (and at times confronting) personal development bootcamps I’ve ever signed up for.

Little did she know…

What I thought would be a fun and stimulating adventure, turned out to be way more.

I discovered that in order for my business (and my customers) to thrive, I’d have to do immense amounts of work—on myself. (It’s ongoing, it never ends.)

I’d have to deal with visibility blocks.

Fear of being seen, fear of speaking up, fear of taking up space (physically and online), fear of selling, fear of setting boundaries, fearing of rocking the status quo. These all sit nicely under the heading, Visibility Block.

I’ve also had to deal with my money stories. Or ‘money blocks’.

Think you don’t have money blocks?

Think you’re not tangled up in a thousand different money myths every single day of your life?

Think again.

Let’s go for coffee and we’ll talk about money.

And, btw, when we go for coffee, who will pay? You, me or will we split the bill? Which choice are you most comfortable with? Why???

Even the tiniest monetary transactions can trigger our money stories. Give us a twinge. Or make us squirm.

Our money stories are the attitudes and beliefs we hold about money. The beliefs we hold about our capacity to earn. Our capacity to receive. Our personal value.

We hold onto some money stories tightly— and completely without question. Rich people are evil. Poor people are noble. Artists are always broke. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

In most cases, though, we’re entirely unaware of our money stories.

Until we’re tested.

Until we have to negotiate a wage.

Set an hourly rate, ask for a raise.

Put a price on our book, our painting, our online course.

Until we do something differently.

Our money stories arch up when we try to change. Try to forge our own path.

They block our progress, hold us back, sabotage our relationships, derail our goals and our careers.

They make us feel guilty, unworthy, ashamed and greedy.

They disempower us, undermine our willingness to develop our gifts and talents and, ironically, stop us from sharing.

Money blocks make us hold back, second guess, judge others unfairly or with bitterness, apologise, cringe. They lead us to make decisions from a place of fear rather than expansion.

They are particularly toxic for women.

At girl&duck, I recently decided to make my free Facebook group, the Duck Pond, into a low-cost membership site.

All my money blocks arched up with that simple decision.

People will hate me.

People will judge me.

People will be appalled, angry, resentful.

But I stayed the course. I stuck with my decision.


Because I knew what I was doing was for the best.

I knew what an exciting, fulfilling experience I was creating for my members. My customers. My community.

At times it felt like my world was imploding. At times I wanted to pull the doona over my head and crawl to the bottom of the bed.

But I kept my eye on the future and on the welfare of my community. And I stuck with my decision.

That’s the personal development I spoke of earlier.

I’m proud of girl&duck.

I’m proud of the knowledge, creativity and energy I’ve poured into it.

And, at a time when the world is deeply traumatised, I’m proud to offer my community a new, lively, uplifting experience— that’s sustainable for everyone. Including me.

With money in the coffers the Duck Pond will thrive.

My members will thrive.

And so will I.

That’s good business.

That’s wise leadership.

It’s also an act of self-love. It publicly states what I do has value. Real value.

It speaks from a place of empowerment, a place I hope more women will reach in the future.

Yep, I’m proud.

And I’ll keep making the tough calls and taking the scary leaps, long into the future. Because when I do, countless people benefit.

That makes facing my fears well worth the effort.

Jen xo

What’s the Duck Pond and how has it changed? Click here to find out. There’s still time to join us, we’d love to have you along!

This month’s Duck Pond masterclass is with Zanni Louise! How good is that?!!

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