Twenty-one Reasons Not to be Visible

Twenty-one Reasons Not to be Visible (These are only some of the ones I’ve used but, hey, we don’t got all day.)

I’m too old

I’m too fat

I’m not cool, hip or trendy

I’m not creative enough

I’m not successful enough

I’m not wealthy enough

I’m not clever enough

I’m not articulate, qualified, educated enough

I don’t have the right clothes, hair, style

I’ll get in trouble


I’ll get hate mail

I’ll embarrass myself

I’ll embarrass my family, friends, publishers, neighbours, dog

I’ll drop the F bomb

I’ll offend someone

I’ve got nothing of value to add

People will laugh at me

People will talk about me behind my back

I might fuck up, make mistakes, get it wrong. I might look stupid!

I’ve got no right and no permission slip

I’ll die (It’s that scary, yeah?)


Twenty-one Reasons to be Visible (Yippee!!!!)

I might encourage, educate, support someone

I might help someone in ways I can’t imagine

I might inspire someone into action

I might make a positive difference

I might help others be seen


I might enliven someone’s life

I might cheer a sad heart

I might enrich someone’s journey

I might role model authenticity

I might role model courage

I might role model self-empowerment

I might create something of value — a product, a service, a business, a community

I might open doors or highlight possibilities, solutions or ideas for someone lost, confused, isolated

I might hit on something new, original, meaningful

I might connect people

I might brighten someone’s day

I might spark an ‘ah ha’ moment

I might make someone laugh

I might give someone a voice

I might shine a light

I might inspire others to shine their light


And so, the light grows.

It’s that important.

Jen xo


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