Don’t know who you are? This might help.

Years ago when I was nursing, we used to attach long cardboard labels to the patients’ bedheads. The labels alerted the staff to any ‘peculiarities’; anything the doctors thought the staff should be aware of such as Nil By Mouth, Allergies, Diabetic.

I remember one patient well. On admission she tore off her label and stomped on it. She would not be labelled ‘diabetic’ and was outraged by the practice.

Which, upon reflection, was fair enough.

The labelling of patients in this insensitive and public way was at best reductive, at worst, degrading and disrespectful.

I can’t imagine such a thing happening today.


And yet, labels seem to be popular again. Perhaps not publicly displayed cardboard strips written with a red texta and stuck on with sticky-tape

But still.

People like to label themselves. Have you noticed?

Personally, I’m an introvert, a HSP (highly sensitive person), and an empath. I’m also a Ruler (that’s my Sacred Money Archetype) and of the Four Tendencies I’m a Questioner.

I’m also a Taurus. Born in the Year of the Ox.


So much to live up to!

I’m also a Duckie! Are you? CLICK HERE to join us.

I’ve never done the Myers Briggs personality test but give me time.

Of course, I hold these labels lightly, I don’t take them as gospel. But I have to admit they’ve helped me on my quest for self-knowledge and personal growth.

The older I get the more I understand the necessity for self-knowledge and the advantages it can give you.

I mean, Shakespeare didn’t muck about, did he?

To Thine Own Self Be True.

The catch is, before you can be true to yourself you’ve kinda gotta KNOW YOURSELF.

There’s always a catch, hey?

Self-awareness. These days, since throwing a little more effort in that direction, I understand firsthand how it can help us in business and in life.

When we understand ourselves more clearly, have insight into our own machinations, DNA, proclivities and tendencies, we can move through life more smoothly, with more wisdom and grace. Decision making, delegating, even knowing when and why and how  to let go, is not so daunting.

In many cases, we also give up feeling weird, second best, misunderstood or inadequate.

We learn to value ourselves and our place in the scheme of things, to accept there is no ‘normal’. Humans are endlessly complex, our psyches are oceanic.

With elevated self-awareness we can consciously work to our strengths—while at the same time giving up the battle to always be ‘fixing’ ourselves.

If you're engaged in work that energises you and that you're innately good at, you'll be in flow and you'll get real results.
From ‘Winging It’ by Emma Isaacs. Discussing strengths-based methodology

Ever seen an HSP introverted empath trying to make small talk in a room of 300 people? Tragic.

I am what I am. Take it or leave it.

Which is not to negate personal development.

It’s just that it makes everything a little easier, a little clearer and less jarring, when you have the blessing of self-awareness.

Knowledge is power. But self-knowledge is magic.

That’s my takeaway for today. My meme.

So, dear reader, sally forth and grab a label. Or two. There are plenty on offer.

Only, make sure you choose the ones that serve you.

And stomp on the rest.

Permission granted.

Jen xo

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3 Replies to “Don’t know who you are? This might help.”

  1. I’ve just been thinking, Jen, as I read your email… My mum called me Duck or Duckie all the time when I was a kid (no pun intended). I guess that makes me a duck(ie) and girl! Have a great week you and himself.. Cheers Jen


  2. When I was first told about HSP, it felt such a relief to find what I’d previously thought of as a fault, was not that at all. Other labels though can be limiting…….I am introspective but can also be an extrovert in certain situations.
    Did have a giggle at the scene of making small talk in a room of 300 people- YIKES!
    Never have I been called duckie, but have been called spoggie-being small like a sparrow😊

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