Why do we care so much about shortlists?

Someone recently asked, what’s the big deal about a shortlist?
What’s the big deal?
A shortlist groups together the best!
 It acknowledges the most accomplished of a long and always healthy collection of entries.
It’s also how we make competitions like the Scribbles Creative Writing Awards, manageable — both for the judges and for the competitors.
Imagine if we only gave out two prizes, two ‘nods’, per category. Judges would tear out their hair. Creators would feel jaded and demoralised. And rightly so!
shortlist pre-announcement

A shortlist gives more people a chance to shine. It spreads the love a little further.
Yes, indeedy. To be on a shortlist is a great honour. And a great thrill.
Not only can it boost us emotionally, psychologically and creatively, it can also boost our career.
Publishers and agents care about shortlists. Funding bodies care about shortlists. Our colleagues and peers care about shortlists.

Even other competitions care about them!
That’s why I’m super excited to share our Scribbles, Creative Writing Awards shortlist with you today!
CLICK HERE and check it out! See who’s on it. Maybe pop over to social media and give them a big HEART!


It’s been a glorious (and often nail-biting) couple of months and I’m so proud of of our community. They are all quacking awesome!
CLICK HERE to see the shortlist! It’s over on our girl and duck Hall of Fame!

Hearts and bubbles to all (it’s been a HUGE day). xo

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