Creative Writing Awards and a fantastic FLASH sale! (Plus Elsie’s ongoing makeover.)



I’m writing this while someone drills the outside walls of the studio. Not sure what they’re doing. It’s like there’s a giant dentist outside trying to break in. A painting just fell off the wall, knocked a cup of tea flying and tipped over a Peace Lily. Aside from that, it’s business as usual here in the studio…

If you want to know about our competition IMMEDIATELY (OMG!!!), scroll past the cottage update to the bottom of this post.

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Cottage Update

Dear reader, Elsie is LOVING the attention! To us, the changes are HUGE and EXCITING, but to the outside world they’re probably nothing to crow about. New guttering, new window frames, multiple new weatherboards, lashings of undercoat and filler, hours and HOURS of sanding. Endless gatherings in the backyard as Himself and the local tradies stand about looking at Elsie and saying, ‘Yerp’.




These prayer flags are in my secret garden behind the old sheds. There’s a fallen mulberry tree there that curves around and forms part of a fairy circle. The old trunk looks EXACTLY like a dead dragon, complete with scales, a large almond-shaped eye with heavy brow, and a gaping mouth. I planted jasmine in its mouth…




The neighbour gave me a bird feeder made from old chains and a garbage-can lid. The rosellas love it! I’m encouraging the big birds to eat there and leave the tin birdhouse to the little lads. It’s working!



Lots of wet weather has meant the new garden beds are getting squishy. The cardboard under the hay is breaking down beautifully. It will probably be another 12 months before I plant in the new beds, but I figure it will be worth the wait. I have lots of kitchen-waste compost brewing, too. That will liven things up!


In the evenings I’ve been making a book of collage. It’s so meditative and helps me organise some of my creative flights.



I’ve also had a brilliant time editing the first draft of the Truly Tan film script. I have loved working with professional screenwriters and have learned a TRUCKLOAD of stuff!




Meantime, from Girl and Duck, behold!

CWAsponsorship ad

The Scribbles Creative Writing Awards open on OCTOBER 1!

Close October 31.

Easy to remember, hey?

We’re so excited to have three fantastic judges helping out; Jude Rossell, Lucinda Gifford and Gabrielle Wang. All three are industry professionals, all have a wealth of knowledge both in creative writing and in illustration.

First prize winner (in all four categories) will receive a written manuscript assessment from me, plus a one-hour Skype coaching call with me (to discuss their work and their writing/illustrating journey).

Winners  also receive a selection of beautiful books from our generous sponsors, HarperCollins Children’s Books. Plus, from Girl & Duck, a professionally designed virtual badge to display on their social media platforms.

Highly Commended (in all four categories) receive a professionally designed certificate (which I know they will want to frame!), plus a virtual badge. They will also receive a gorgeous Girl & Duck writing journal.

All winners and high commended will be listed on our website for twelve months.

This competition is only open to Scribblers ie, those who are members of  Girl & Duck’s signature online course, Scribbles.


To give everyone a chance to join Scribbles AND save big bucks, we’re having a FLASH sale. No, I don’t mean a posh sale. I mean, a SUPER QUICK, get your skates on, sale!

Even if you don’t want to join the competition, this is a fantastic chance to jump in and join us. Remember, Scribbles is a resource rather than a straight upfront, week by week, course. You can complete Scribbles at your own pace, in your own time, come and go as you please. You can even stockpile it if you want to!

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Are you stuffed?

Information overload?

This was a loooong post!

I need an apple scroll.

And now there are men on my roof. Someone’s going to crash through, for sure!

I’m outta here.

Bye for now, dear reader, and thank you for stopping by! xo

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 CLICK HERE for all the competition details, including how to enter!

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