Setting goals for 2017

Look. See the water on the steps? Yep. That’s rain. Rain, I tell ya!


Oh, happy days. Perfect weather for plannin’, dreamin’ and schemin’.

Do you plan your year in advance? Do you set goals?

I do. Kind of…

If you subscribe to girl and duck (and why wouldn’t you?)  you would have received an email the other day with an emergency 911 video attached.

I made the video in response to a plea for help. One of the duckies was stranded! She was overwhelmed. There was too much to do. Too much to juggle. Too many people to please and appease and pick up after and (god forbid) be nice to.

So I made a video all about how Leonie Dawson’s Shining Life and Biz workbooks help me get organised. Btw, Leonie is currently having a half price sale.


Holy mermaids! You can get yourself a big juicy colourful workbook for a couple of seashells and a string of seaweed. Practically.

Leonie, god bless her, is rather fond of pie charts. I hate the feckers. This is what I do, every year, to poor Leonie’s pretty pie charts. Yeah, I turn them into apple pies.


I’m an anarchist, right?

Then, this week, I came across the Ferris wheel version of the pie chart.

Finally! Something that doesn’t ask me to be Einstein in order to figure out how wonky my life is.

Look at my Ferris wheel. I mean, it’s like a flat tyre. It’s going Nowhere.


So, thanks to this little diagram, I’m thinking more deeply about how I can get more out of life. Maybe even achieve some… balance. Horrible word that is. Balance.

Lest you think I’m some kind of Grinch, that number in the fun box isn’t a true indicator of reality. Ahem.

I’m not good at having Official Fun. I’m like that song from the 90s, ‘Hey, are we having fun yet?’ I don’t get it.

You see my work is a HUGE source of my fun. And that’s not reflected in these pie chart Ferris wheel merry-go-rounds.

But I’m told that’s not an acceptable answer.

We need to have fun that’s not work related.


Damn it. You mean I have to use my imagination and seek fun from other sources otherwise I’ll burn out and crumple?

I suppose I shouldn’t be blogging then. It’s way too much fun.

Damn it.

I’m off to buy me some fairy floss. And give myself a good talking to.

Jen xo


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