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See Me Jump by Jen Storer



Quirky and conversational, See Me Jump is a creative writing book designed to delight your childlike sensibilities and nurture your inner artist. Wise and insightful, it draws on Jen’s long and varied career both as a beloved children’s author and as an editor of children’s books.

Praise for See Me Jump

‘Bloody fantastic! Such a friendly, open book’ Jess, Melbourne Australia

‘I love this book. It’s jaunty, humorous and generously informative’ R. Marie, Birmingham UK

I LOVE this book—LOVE it!’ Lucy, Stirling Scotland

‘Fantastic. I loved it… it’s time to play!’ Tanya, Melbourne Australia

‘As I read See Me Jump, I began dutifully compiling a list of things I thought were helpful, clever or funny…but there were too many!  If I could shove Jen Storer into my back pocket, I would. Failing that, I’d ensure this e-book was with me as a constant companion. It’s like a conversation with a great friend — one who wants you to succeed. A mentor who has done it all, seen enough and can answer all your trembling questions. Read it in one sitting or dip in and out as you please!’ Zoe, Brisbane Australia

ebook or paperback

NB: To read eBook versions of See Me Jump you will need a device (tablet, eReader or smartphone) and eReader software such as Apple iBooks for Mac and iOS or the free Kindle App for Mac or PC, iOS or Android devices.transp_ducktitle