In conversation with a wolf (who is also an illustrator)

When I was an aspiring children’s author back in the 1980s, the only career guidance I could find was Mem Fox’s autobiography. Ahem.

Aside from that there was one other book, a textbook, kicking around. But it was fairly lacklustre and I don’t recall its title.

Other than that, it was just me and me typewritin’ machine (it was electric, thank you very much for asking) and what seemed like an impossible dream.


I was working in Queensland, in the public service in those days. I was there when the first computers came in. You know, those ones with the luminous green text that flashed like messages from alien spacecraft.

We were issued with these transparent mesh shields that clipped on to our monitors and filtered the dazzling screen. Apparently this strip of nylon protected us from the (possibly toxic) computer rays. I’m surprised we weren’t issued with tin foil hats.

But I digress! It’s 2016 now, and man o man it’s fun to connect.

Without further ado, here is the inaugural interview/in conversation/quackerview from girl and duck.

I hope you find it inspiring and that it gives you loads of insights.

QV3It’s such a fantastic time to be pursuing a career in the arts. There’s so much info out there and connecting with peers and mentors and inspirationalists is easier than ever.

Inspirationalists? Yep, I heard that word the other day.

Pretty cool, hey?

Well, maybe…

See you in the studio and thank you for tuning in!


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