Interview the first

Live from the desk of Jen Storer, children’s author… and roving reporter.

See this pic? Two empty chairs. My studio. Last week.


Perhaps you saw this pic on facebook or twitter or flitting about elsewhere in the magical ethers? So what’s it all about?

I know some of you follow the blog but don’t subscribe to girl and duck. Holy schizel! How can that be?

It’s two different actions, did you know?


Did you also know that me and the g&d subscribers have this whole other thing goin’ on over in subscriber land?

For example. Subscribers get an email every Friday morning. With a link to a video. Q & Q Friday. Questions and Quacks. I quack about writing and the industry and Cherry Ripes…

Subscribers are also first to know if anything SPECIAL is happening at the duck pond.

And that’s why I’m bloggin’ right here right now.

Drum roll!

This Friday is the first girl and duck QUACKERVIEW!

Yep. Move over Michael Parkinson. Graeme Norton. Ron Burgundy. As of last week, I am now interviewing gorgeous kids book people ON CAMERA and flinging the interviews out into the world for all and sundry to enjoy.

Soooo. If you’d like to see this inaugural interview FIRST, before any other little eyeballs, please subscribe. That way you can be sure the video will land (with enormous, duck-like grace) slap, bang into your mailbox on Friday morning (August 19).

If you don’t subscribe that’s okay, too. I’ll put the video on a public playlist a little later and you can watch it there.

Easy peasy. Everyone happy!

Yes indeed. My work here is done.

Now, it’s over to Bert for the weather…


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