How to Write a Picture Book

How to Write a Picture Book

No. Scrub that heading.

Let’s go with

How to FIX a Picture Book

I have awful trouble trying to name, label, title my podcasts. They’re always so chatty and full of incidentals that are bound to help you and it’s hard to settle on one thing.

The ‘formal’ title of this episode is, Four Key Rewriting Questions.

Good grief.

The real question should be why did you choose such a weary title, Jen? Were you actually TRYING to put people to sleep?

No matter!

How to Fix (or rewrite) a Picture Book

Trying to fix your picture book but not sure how to do it?

You need episode 37 of the girl&duck podcast!

Teacher teach thyself! While creating the material for my latest e-course, I had a massive ah-ha moment (in the shower, of course). It landed like magic. And, as a result, I was able to resurrect and revive a PB I’d given up on years ago.

I suddenly knew what needed to be done.

And I did it!

In this episode of the podcast I talk all about this and what happened..

Four KEY questions that lead to my revelation:

1. Is the narrative arc strong?
2. Is the resolution satisfying?
3. Are the characters proactive?
4. Is there a lovely twist?

Rhyming Picture Books

Oh, yeah. And I also decided to put the story in rhyme. Because. It was BEGGING for rhyme and I was denying it! (It felt like too much trouble. Ahem.)

Apply these questions to your current WIP, dear reader, and see if they help strengthen your story and give it the extra oomph it needs.

These questions can apply to all kinds of fiction by the way, not only picture books!

Go forth and #keepscribbling

Jen xo

PS You’re looking for Episode 37. 😉

PPS Yes! Well spotted! Caroline Magerl drew that gorgeous image of ‘jumpy’ me (on the graphic)! Cool, hey?

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