I don’t want to go back. Not ever.

In many ways, the world before C19 feels dull, harsh and STUCK.


Because it feels like now, finally, after the brutal and wildly complex lessons of the virus, we are shaking off a shitload off shackles.

We are shaking off complacency.

And ignorance.

And arrogance.

Consciously and with vigour.

Ordinary, good-hearted, fed-up people AND cautious politicians are doing it. Across the globe, massive changes are taking place.

Is it an awakening?


I pray that it is.

I love seeing those hideous statues of slave traders and their cronies, coming down.

I love seeing people stepping aside on the socials to raise the voices of coloured people—Black, Brown, Indigenous.

I love seeing Britain devising ways to feed hungry kids before school.

I love seeing librarians and book sellers recommending books on diversity—long lists of wonderful books for ALL AGES.

Want more?

Try here: Children’s Books Daily with Megan Daley

And here: Inda Ahmad Zabri: Refugee Week

Try here too! Watch Kim’s heartbreaking and enlightening video, ‘8 minutes and 46 seconds’

I love seeing white folk desperately and sincerely grasping for everything they can read about white supremacy and how to weed it out of their psyches and hearts.


Read Layla’s book!


Read Robin’s book!

I love seeing friends and colleagues committing wholeheartedly to the lifelong work of building and nurturing a truly inclusive world.


Read Carly’s book!

The old systems are crumbling.

It’s exciting to be a part of it.

I don’t want to go back. Not ever.

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