My three words for 2019: A mid year check in.

Hello, dear reader!

It’s a full moon tonight. Plus, we’re heading towards Winter Solstice.

A good time to reflect, yes?

So, a super quick post.

What were your words for 2019? Do you even remember  them?

In my Moon Circle we’ve been contemplating the bounty of the Goddess. I took this pic at the local florist.

My 2019 words were:




IMG_9128 2


Clarity has been tricky.  I’ve had my knickers in a knot more than once this year.

But I keep working.

Depth Year has helped.

Although my commitment to that has wavered, too. And I’ve been pretty crap at the Low Buy part. Like, totally crap. I should not have committed to a Low Buy year when we’re in the middle of restoring an old house. Der.

In my defence, almost everything I’ve purchased this year has been from charity shops, antique shops or makers markets.

Converting the potting shed into a room of one’s own has been a huge success.

I’ve bought one new dress. I’m okay with that…

Plus, I’ve stuck to the ‘one book at a time’ self imposed rule. No new books until I finish the one I’m reading.

This means there has often been a long time lapse between books. And that’s been a  fecking drag. It’s forced me to reread old stuff. And that’s been a fecking bonus.

Cool, hey?

IMG_9185 2

A focus on clarity can lead to acceptance.

Who would have thought?

For example. I’ve finally, FINALLY embraced the ‘fact’ that I’m an empath.

This was a big thing for me.

Because I’m an empath, I feel just about everything that flies past me; that comes into my zone. I’d be a HOPELESS counsellor.  My biggest ‘problem’ has always been that I can’t always figure out where my feelings end and the other person’s begin.

Emotionally, if I haven’t got my wits about me, things get murky. I take it all on. I slide into overwhelm real fast.

I get muddled. Frustrated. Scared. Worse than that, I get exhausted.

People exhaust me.

Accepting that I’m an empath has helped me reframe how I think about people and relationships and how I communicate with those closest to me.

It’s a work in progress. I’m not on top of it yet.



Meh. It hasn’t really worked for me. I forget about ease ALL THE TIME.


Quiet is nice.

I wrote QUIET on the kitchen blackboard. I wrote it REALLY LOUD.

Quiet has led me to seek more silence. The empath in me has rejoiced.

Quiet has also led me to solitude. Just a little bit of solitude.

This has sheltered me from the emotional noise that was leaving me ragged and helped me get clear on who the hell I am and what I want from life and my relationships.

Nice work, quiet.

Of course, my withdrawal had to come with a permission slip. A permission slip from ME. That was tough. I don’t like to appear aloof or uncaring.

But self preservation takes precedence as you get older.

And clarity demands you know yourself above all else.


Dear reader, does a blog post like this help?

I’m no oracle.

But I like to think I’m honest.

And open.

Dawn in the country still leaves me breathless.

I LOVE that people read this blog and resonate with it. It means the world to me. Sometimes, I think this blog means more to me than my books.

Or maybe it’s an equal first.

Yeah. That’s what it is.


Enjoy the full moon, dear reader.

‘The moon is the ever-changing mirror of the heavens, the light of the imagination, the High Priestess of the Night Skies.’

Embrace her light. Strive to emit her light. Or simply hold her light close to your heart— if that’s what you need right now.

Until next time

Warmest blessings

Jen xo

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