How archetypal energy is helping me transition into my ‘new’ self

I was talking to my spiritual counsellor the other night. She’s in the UK. We meet via Skype. We talk fast. There’s always a lot to say.

I’m in transition. Have been for a few years.

Slowly but surely, I’m moving from one stage of life, love and passions, into a new stage of life, love and passions.

Reconnecting with Mother Earth has filled me with joy.

Incidentally, did you know a fourth aspect has been added to the triple goddess symbol? At least, it’s been added intellectually — or metaphorically.

(I don’t know how the actual symbol could be tweaked to accomodate the new aspect. As it is, the symbol has perfect symmetry…)


Maiden Mother Crone. The traditional, triple face of the Goddess.

But we live longer now.

We don’t transition from Mother straight to Crone.

(Remember these are archetypes I’m referring to, not necessarily lived realities. One can draw on the patience and unconditional love of the Mother archetype without ever having been a mother. Likewise, a young woman (Maiden) can tap into the insight, deep wisdom and mirth of the Crone, should she ever wish to.

But back to the triple goddess.

We now accept there’s another aspect, another face, another archetype to meet and embrace usually around the age of 55-70.

As I get older, I care less and less who might be watching!

We can call her the Maga, the Matriarch, the Queen. (If you’re in my private Facebook group, I forbid you from laughing at that last label!)

She makes up the Four-Fold Goddess.


The Maga is characterised by ‘accomplishment, personal power, emerging wisdom and the desire to give back’.

For me, this period has meant major upheaval, major introspection and brutal honesty (with myself).

In order to be fully realised and lived, the Maga has demanded ongoing bravery and commitment. A willingness to shine a light on the dark places of my soul and my psyche. To face and assimilate regret, shame, grief. All the messy stuff you can’t help but accumulate if you’re blessed to live this long.

But above all, the Maga (as she speaks to me personally) says, There is work to be done, sister. Get off your arse.

At the moment, this work, this transition, has taken me from being a relatively quiet, hardworking and solitary children’s author to a gently outspoken, passionate and at times kooky, creativity coach, mentor and role model.

Where will this journey lead me next?

I’m not sure.

But I do know it doesn’t end here. New friends, mentors, coaches and guides are popping up like corks on a lake.

I know this is just the beginning. The beginning of something rich, soulful, possibly even poetic.

My Italian friend recently quoted her Nona’s, Advice to a Young Woman:

‘You’ve got a voice, use it. You’ve got legs, use them!’

Such is the straight shooting wisdom of the Crone. And, for me, as I work with the energy of the Maga, it has never had more resonance.

I’m excited to see where this year will lead me.

I feel blessed to have you with me, dear reader.

I hope you will take from my ramblings whatever you need for your journey.

Together we are so much stronger.

Jen xo

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  1. The best thing about life is that we are always growing and changing and finding something new to learn – even about ourselves! I am enjoying your stories about your depth year, so thank-you for sharing them with us.

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