Let’s dress up! Book Week costumes a-plenty. Send me your pics!

Lights! Camera! Book Week!

I LOVE dressing my characters. I have to know what they’re wearing, in order to get a true sense of them.

Over the years, loads of readers (and their parents) have sent me their Book Week, Truly Tan pics.

But there’s plenty more inspiration in my books.

Here’s my own little parade. I hope it gives you some great ideas! 

We’ll start with Tan, of course…

Truly Tan


Screenshot 2017-07-29 12.24.13.png
Hello? This Tan even has Liberty, the bearded chicken, tucked under her arm!
Tan and her best friend, Gloria Pappos. The likeness is uncanny!
Snazzy suggestions from the design team at HarperCollins Publishers. Thanks, lads!
Step-by-step instructions from Truly Tan illustrator, Claire Robertson. Thanks, Claire!
This is the first Truly Tan pic I ever received. From Book Week, 2013. This gorgeous girl cut up her dad’s shirt to make the green cardi. Someone has to suffer for our art, right?
Screenshot 2017-07-29 12.23.32.png
Okay. Amazebubbles! This one is definitely channeling Tan!
Two more adorable Tans, totally rockin’ it!

Want to dress like Danny Best? Too easy! Orange t-shirt, green checked shorts, blonde wig.

Danny Best Full On
Screenshot 2017-08-06 17.05.02
That’s Danny Best on far right!  Channel 9. Book Week, 2017. 
Mae Sing ( left), one of Danny Best’s ragtag friends. Illustration, Mitch Vane. Thanks, Mitch!

Personally, I’d go to Book Week as Mae, Danny Best’s friend. She only ever wears a cow onesie. Done and dusted!

Who else would I go as?

Weeeell, if I didn’t go as Tensy Farlow, I’d  probably go as Matron Pluckrose from the same book:  1950s New Look, lashings of red lipstick, blonde wig like Patsy from Ab Fab and fox fur stole. Sans the cigarettes, of course…


Or, I’d go as Reafen, the Goblin Elder, in The Fourteenth Summer of Angus Jack.COV_MedalAngusJack_RP_Page_1

Reafen wears:  faded ball gown (the more garish the better), black wig piled high, pink feather boa, loads of bling, and Blundstone work boots.

Reafen knows how to put an outfit together. Illustration by Lucinda Gifford. Thanks, Lucinda!

I know one gorgeous boy who’s going to Book Week 2018, dressed as Clarrie, from Clarrie’s Pig Day Out!


Don’t forget the odd socks and the polka dot apron! Oh, and Clarrie loves funny hats! Thanks, Sue deGenarro!

There’s also Matilda Valentine from The Accidental Princess. Don’t forget she has the mark of the lilac flower on her right hand. Also, she wears jeans under that princess gown. And her wonky hat is made of cardboard and glue. Keepin’ it real.


I hope this helps.

Go forth! Dress up!

If you’d like, send me your pics. I’d love to see them! I’ll even feature them here, if I have your okay! jen.storer@girlandduckDOTcom

Jen xo


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