Scribbles Is On Sale. This Week Only!

This ducky is stuffed. She won’t create nothin’ this winter. But this doesn’t have to be you!


If you’ve been thinking of joining Scribbles, now’s the time, pop tart!

Starting today, Sunday June 10, we’re having a super duper, once only, Scribbles Winter Warm-up Sale.

Save big bucks, make new friends AND put some sparkle in your writing. (Everyone’s looking for sparkle—publishers, agents, editors. Trust me!)

Winter is the perfect time to dive into an online course, nah, a creative wonderland, like Scribbles.


There are six modules, all on video, packed with creative writing goodies (advice, tips, exercises and insights).

Plus, gorgeous downloadable PDFs.

Plus, a bonus module with video recordings of our February live round (six extra hours of online coaching), a tour of my creativity altar, and other support materials.

Scribbles is bursting with all kinds of inspiration and wisdom, to nourish, educate and support you during the frosty months.

And you can do it all at your own pace, and with the support of our beautiful Scribbles Facebook group. (The Facebook group is where I share even more tips and insights into my creative process. Stuff I don’t share anywhere else.)

Scribbles is dynamic, too. It’s constantly evolving, with live rounds, master classes, competitions and creative writing awards. It’s not just a course, it’s a community.

So, get your waddle on. Pop over to the Scribbles page now, to find out more and to sign up. CLICK HERE

Sale ends Friday June 15, 2018 10pm AEST

Edwina Wyatt testimonial


Cate Whittle

Sarah epstein


Scribblers caught on film! Scribbles Master Class, May 2018.

Sale ends Friday June 15, 2018 10pm AEST


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