Books, art, gardens and a cottage in the country

Phew and phew!  I’ve just finished the copy edit for Truly Tan: Baffled! (book seven) and it has left the building. Left the building! I’m feeling elated. I like writin’ books. But I LOVE sending them on their way. Love being free of the buggers.

So, what else?

The search for a house in the country continues. Our weekends are spent traversing the highways and byways of Central Victoria. Himself and I are so sick of ‘road food’ we’ve taken to packing an esky and filling a thermos every Saturday morning.  Sandwiches, cake, tea and ginger beer. Enid Blyton would be proud.

We haven’t found a deserted farm where I can indulge my obsession with permaculture. But we have found a cottage on the outskirts of a small town (think John Cougar Mellencamp) and we reckon this might suit us fine. It’s a very sweet little cottage. So sweet, in fact, we’re gearing up to make an offer. We just have to check it doesn’t have termites. Or rising damp. Or ghosts. Stuff like that.

Himself said, ‘It’s got a pumpkin!’ This was on the bench in the kitchen. I’ll show you better pics when we sign up.
IMG_4615 3
I said, ‘It’s got a strawberry!’ In fact, it had an entire barrel o’ strawberries!

We’ve named the little cottage, Elsie, (or L C, little cottage). Elsie is extremely humble and in desperate need of paint, curtains and colour. She does have a tin roof, though, so we can hear the rain. She also has shade trees, fruit trees, nut trees and FOUR sheds. That’s right. Four. I cannot think of anything more luxurious. A tool shed, a wood shed, a potting shed, and a rogue shed that’s saying, Turn me into a studio, at once!

More soon on the country adventure. I’m thinking of starting a separate blog for it. I’ll let you know if that happens.

On Monday night I hosted week four of the Scribbles Live Round. (The live round consists of six, one hour coaching calls with yours truly, in our private Facebook group. The calls are recorded so the Scribs can look back on them any time). The live round has been even more fun than I anticipated and the feedback’s been ace. Everyone’s getting heaps out of the calls.

IMG_4629 2
Lights, camera, action. Work station for my live coaching calls. The hour flies by. Flies, I tell ya!

This week I shared the nuts and bolts of copy editing (seeing as  I was up my oxters in same). I explained ‘publishing speak’, too. You know, the language we use for each of the editing stages and what’s expected of each team member at each stage—first pages, second pages etc. I also talked about ways to access fictional characters (Module Four is focussed on that) and how we can make our characters more compelling. This is the first Scribbles live round. It’s a bonus all Scribbles members can enjoy and the calls will be permanently hosted in the Bonus Treasure section of the course. That way all newcomers can view the calls, too. I plan to do another live round next year.

Scribbles will be available for purchase again (with the recordings of all the coaching calls)  March 27, 2018. Not long!

The Day I Found Her. Mixed media (pencil, ink, crayon, collage, acrylic paint, water colour)

I drew a nature fairy in my sketchbook. She’s my permaculture muse. I like getting visual when I’ve finished a word project ie when I’ve finished writing a book. It’s great to just let rip! I think all writers should draw or paint . It’s excellent therapy and uses a different part of your brain. I can even listen to music while I draw. Not so with writing. No way, Aunty May. Sigh.

Meantime, what am I reading?

Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison

The Permaculture Promise by Jono Neiger

A Cottage and Three Acres by Colette O’Neil (Amazing woman, incredibly inspiring. Her book is self published and available on her website. If you’re interested in permaculture, climate change, the rise of the Divine Feminine, Irish folklore, grab this book and share in Colette’s adventure and passion.)

Tinder by Sally Gardner, drawings by David Roberts. (What a find!)

Scary, hey? I’ll post another pic below so we don’t end on a spooky note.
Gum boots are always comforting. Take comfort.

Okay, chicken. I’m done.

See you again soon!

Jen xo

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