Let Your Heart Be Light


I like writing blog posts at Christmas. No one expects much. Do they?


Writing: I finally finished Truly Tan: Baffled! (book seven) and delivered it to my publisher on time (working right up until December 15, the day it was due). Phew! Next year I’ll be waaaay more organised. Ahem.

Finalising: We signed off on Danny Best: Me First! Check out the full cover. Talk about The Best! 😉 Due out in Feb 2018.


Receiving: I received a Christmas card from a Tan reader. The letter attached said, I know you like wolves. So here’s a card with a fox on it. God, I love my readers.

IMG_3984 2


Planning and: pondering 2018. I have some lovely plans for girl and duck, including a Scribbles Boot Camp in Feb, and an IRL (in real life) Scribbles master class in Melbourne in May. We will also be launching the Girl and Duck InstiTUTE (yep, with the emphasis on tute). More on that soon, but I’m super excited about it! I’ve been planning it for two years…


Scheming: Zoe visited this month. We’re working on a Secret Squirrel project together, something fab for the Duckies (2019). We also discussed the branding of girl and duck going forward, as well as the branding of The Institute.

Zoe’s sweet little enamel pins SOLD OUT. They will be delivered to anxious duckies all over the globe, very soon. I cannot wait to get mine. I think I’ll wear it as an earring.

Do the verk duck SOLD OUT

Recording: Today I recorded the Queen’s Christmas Message. I did one last year. It’s a tradition! It’s a video message that goes out to everyone on my mailing list. Are you on my list? You can jump on here.


Dreaming: I have a dream of moving to the country. I dream of having a GREAT BIG STONKING house, and some great big dawgs as well.  Irish wolfhounds or somethin’. I also want enough room for a HUGE light-filled studio PLUS extra space so I can host writing retreats.

This week, Himself and I found just the place. Sadly, even if we collected all the coins from behind our couch, we would still fall short.

The astonishingly expensive Dream House even had a hedge!! A hedge, I tell ya.

Himself insisted I take this photo. He said it looks like a photo from Frankie Magazine. I told him he was dreamin’…



We also found THIS! OMG. Abandoned! I could buy it, restore it and name it Jen Storer’s Home For Discombobulated Children’s Authors & Illustrators. (Cue thunder and lightning.)

People would come from all over the world, to be tutored, inspired, fed gruel. Zoe could do the branding. Himself could fix the roof. And plug in the Internet. I could…buy a kitten.

IMG_3929 2
Hand me the whipper snipper. I’m goin’ in!

Well, as they say at Christmas, that’s a wrap.


Oh! BTW, if you want to know more about my private Facebook group, see below. Join my mailing list then join us in the Pond! It’s the most supportive kidlit community in the entire universe. Just ask me!

Til next time

Toodles, honey!

Jen xo


Dulcie Duckworth, my esteemed (and mysterious) Personal Assistant. Dulcie works alone. She is The Phantom PA. Mostly she moderates the Facebook group, screens emails, cares for the needs of our beloved Scribblers, monitors who joins the Pond. And who doesn’t.

Geek Duck. Many of you know Geek Duck. He looks after the techie tangle behind girl and duck, including video production. He answers all emails relating to IT and strives to sort your problems in a jiffy. When it comes to TECH, he’s first on the scene. Lives in a phone booth.

Zoe Collins. Zoe looks after graphic design and helps out in the Facebook group (you’ll see her bobbing around most mornings). Sometimes she’s in charge of Event Management… Always carries a clipboard.

Jen Storer. Children’s Author, Chief Inspirationalist and self-appointed HRH.

Life is sweet at The Duck Pond.

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19 Replies to “Let Your Heart Be Light”

  1. I loves you, Jen Storer! Thanks for a fabulous year in the Duck Pond! Your work is well and truly appreciated. Have a restful Christmas and a super start to the New Year. xoxoxoxo

  2. Fast, frantic and lots of fun, Jen, with more excitement to come. Congratulations on meeting your deadlines. But it looks like Geek Duck is banging his head against a hedge! My advice: buy that amazing Home For Discombobulated whatsits and they can do the reno. Happy Christmas greetings to you and G&D team 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Thoughts Become Words and commented:
    Jen Storer is an established Australian children’s author brimming with imagination and inspiration. This post encapsulates her talent, personality and future plans. Join The Duck Pond and start paddling with emerging writers and illustrators!
    ♥ Gretchen Bernet-Ward

  4. What a gem of a blog post. Hope you find the house of your dreams. I can assist with the provision of a cat. Over supply at my place.

    Have a wonderful Christmas xx

  5. Jen, you have, over the last couple of years, in turn: cracked me up, inspired me, left me giggling, at times sighing in wonder, and at various stages jumping to my feet shouting, ‘Yes!’ I thank you for you willing to be you and inspiring myself, and many others, to reach further within ourselves, to bend and stretch and to make a mess. You are the best Queen Duck around. Bless you, and may you have an amazing Christmas and New Year.

    1. Oh! Thank you, Megan! And thank you for all your support in the Pond, you’re such a treasure and your enthusiasm is infectious. Thanks to your little blue-haired girl too. She’s earned her place in Pond history! xo

  6. What a year 2017 has been, so many ups and downs, sadness and joy. Jen, you have been a big part of the joy and you never failed to cheer me up and make me laugh. I treasure being a member of the Duck Pond and reading your blog and watching your Friday Q&A’s. Becoming a member of your Scribbles course has also produced profound changes in my writing and has helped me rediscover the fun and joy of writing. Have a wonder, relaxing Christmas!

    1. Margo, this is lovely! Thank you! And thank you for being part of all the fun, nonsense and hard VERK! I’ve loved paddling along with you and getting to know you. See you on the other side of silly! Namaste. xo

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