14 Excuses to Stop Writing NOW

Creative writing is tough. Sometimes all we need is a tiny nudge to make us chuck it in.

If you’re looking to bail but need more than a hall pass, here are some tried and tested, totally legitimate, OUTS. Great excuses. Guaranteed to save face. Your face.


1. If you get published you might have to go on Oprah. That would be scary.

2. Ditto, you’re terrified of the CBCA/Miles Franklin/State Premier/Jennifer Byrne.

Jennifer Byrne will eat you alive.

3. You’re tired. Self care, people, self care!

4. You’re in the middle of your novel and you’re completely, utterly, desperately lost. That shouldn’t happen, right?

5. You’re in the middle of your novel and you’ve come up with a better idea. No seriously. This one is loads better!

6. You like being an emerging author, it’s got cred. (Submerging authors, eat your heart out.)

7. You’ve read stacks of other people’s novels. You already know how to write.

8. Country Road is having a sale.

9. There are socks to iron.

10. Game of Thrones is on.

11. You need to know this will work before you commit.

12. If you finish you might get rejected. Who could afford the therapy?

13. If this gets out, people will envy your genius. You’ll never get invited nowhere.

14. You need to think. Just a bit more…

It’s Jon Snow! No excuses needed.

Jen xo

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